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Netjets layoff now??

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Well-known member
Dec 20, 2005
Just talked to a buddy at NJ and he says he's hearing you guys are going to layoff now. Is this ever going to end????
He's management. Take it for what you want, I'm just relaying what he said. These times suck either way you look at it. Hopefully he's wrong.
I too hope its wrong, who wants that any more pilots out on the job market... lets hope its just a rumor!
I wouldn't be surprised if the company layed off some non pilot positions, but I think it will take a lot more pain before they get to the pilots. The furlough language in the contract and the cost of retraining so many into required positions that would be furloughed (I believe the Sovereign has a ton of very junior FOs that would need to be replaced if a furlough occurs so the fleet can operate) just makes actually furloughing more expensive than eating salaries for quite a while. From what I've heard the union has offered some ideas to the company recently and the company has told them the suggestions are so far unnecessary. They have been making it more clear that leaves of absense are readily available with full medical coverage paid by the company while out. I'd guess they will offer some buyouts for the older guys also before they furlough any pilots and I also expect them to reduce the 18 day schedule quite a bit also before they furlough. I guess only time will tell for sure.
No furloughs, just more rumors and flame bait. Sorry.

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