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Michael Roberts

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Nov 6, 2002
If your going to go on CNN and and make a stand representing the pilot profession and the traveling public do not act like a complete tool.
Yup, that was weird wasn't it? Not cool at all. Don't think he'll be getting a job at CNN anytime soon.
Why is he so afraid of a TSA screener seeing his twig and berries?!?! Perhaps he is worried the screener might be Austin Powers and would say, "that ain't no man! It's a woman, baby!"

The TSA screeners have a tough job, they can only be wrong once and our airline career can come to a screeching halt when our passengers are too afraid to fly after an attack. If seeing my johnson helps save innocent life and protects my career then I don't have any problem with it.
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He'sh afraid they'll paint hish "yoohoo" gooooooooooooooooooold...

LOL. Perhaps he is toyt like a toyger. Yessshhhh. Isn't that veerd!

Personally, I don't want to be exposed to those x-rays on a daily/weekly basis. I will be opting for the secondary pat down.

I'm totally with you on the pat-down issue. I'm going to opt for this option rather than going through that giant X-Ray machine every time. I hope most people do the same thing.
Don't confuse the message with the messenger - not that his message was bad. He has valid points that a free society should discuss. Allow me to have a national ID card, an iris scan or whatever to bypass the BS. "and to the republic for which it stands" - so what does it stand for? increasing expensive govt. regulation to make us safer... TSA does not make me feel any safer... Prior to 911 and as of this date, I have a better chance getting killed driving to the airport than anything else happening... YMMV

I agree. The TSA could and should be doing a much better job.

If they want to give us the rubber glove treatment, then I think it's high time they started screening rampers, airplane cleaners, and caterers.

High time to have dedicated screening lines for ALL airport employees. Unfortunately, it's more about the almighty dollar and not real security.
how did he even get hired with those outsatanding interview skills. UH, um, uh. I wish he would have made some better points rather than just complaining about people seeing and touching him. Kinda comes across as a wus. I am all for not having to go through those machines but not becuase I don't want people to see my wang, but becuase I think it is unnesecary for pilots.

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