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Kneeboard anyone?

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Active member
Oct 22, 2005
Does anyone use a kneeboard to keep themselves organized? What about when you fly commercialy? I find it hard to balance the checklist on my knee and copy frequencies and such on the other.

I had a new captain that I was training to fly a CE650, and he shows up w/ the kneeboard STRAPPED to his leg!! (The plane isn't even out of the hanger yet.) I proceeded to mock him, most of which he was oblivious to, and managed to keep his workload high enough during the flight that the stupid kneeboard didn't get to see much use. Each time he reached for it, something failed. I hate those things.
A agree they do look a little corny when you strap them on to climb into your Cessna 150, an F16 would be a little different. So maybe a simple clipboard and paper will suffice haha?
I use it but only during taxi out and post-landing. I typically use it to write down the taxi instructions. Flying around the entire flight with a kneeboard is kinda corny
I flew with a captain that would strap a kneeboard to each leg after he sat in his seat. That was in a DH8 in a 121 airline.

More than a little wierd, I think.
I guess I use mine a whole lot more than usual. I use it for about every flight and I keep it strapped on the entire time. It is especially handy when teaching so I can take notes and give an effective debrief afterwords.
I always take those nifty hotel scrath pads they provide and use them to write down all my clearances and further instructions on if needed. Fits nicely on the armrest, and either the armrest of your leg will provide a hard enough surface to write on if needed. Keep it simple.

That story about the new CE650 captain is hillarious!
I strap mine prior to engine start. Sometimes I take it off during the flight. I was taught to write down the ATIS and that's usually the only thing I write down. I guess I could get rid of it, but I have all the frequencies written on it, I keep diagrams/info of the fields that are close by so it does get used anytime I go somewhere else than the home field. It's just so handy to just have all the info I need right there.
I used one as a CFII to jot down notes and such to remember things for the debriefs and I actually still use one today in the Air Force. I'm a right-seater in the KC-135 and there is quite a bit to keep track of (tail #'s of receivers and offload amounts). It's kind of convenient, although I admit it'd look strange seeing an airline pilot wearing one. I'm not sure why, but it would.

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