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Jb + alpa

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Good luck with that. ALPA will scope out your E190s in the next contract negotiation. Stay in-house, you will do much better. You already have.
Whatever you do, NOT ALPA. ALPA has done enough damage to this profession with it's surrendering scope and compensation.
ALPA is helping shape the 2009 Pilot Act.

ALPA is participating in the new flight/duty times.

ALPA is participating in the stage 2 open skies negotiation that will determine if Lufthansa and its 19% ownership of JB will be able increase that percntage and possibly steamroll the voiceless JB pilots and their jobs, as widebody Lufthansa jets land at JFK and Orlando, then pick up JB passengers and keep going to other US cities. Is Vereinigung Cockpit and the ECA going to care about the JB pilots? Why should they? You don't care enough about yourselfs. Besides, who would EU labor talk to anyway? The values committee?

How is the pay raise coming?

Sure... you don't need representation.....
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yawn, ALPA is not driving that boat, Congress is. Also pointing to ALPA's Lobbying efforts makes me think that we would all be better off not having them as a union and only having them as a Political Action Committee. Let me keep my 2% and I will contribute to the PAC and they can claim all of the credit for everything good that comes out of DC
Had a senior pilot JB pilot on the jumpseat 2 nights ago on the way into SDF. He told us a troubling account that the process has hit a wall and that the work rules are once again being "re-drawn." With the/a new timeline for implementation being re-written too.

On any given night I chase the JBLU pilots transcon as they do alot of midnight oil runs. On many nights we have a JBLU pilot in the jumpseat. What is going on in DEN with F9 pilots should serve as a preview to where the B6 pilots could be in 3 years. Couple that with a committee design that is plagued with delays and circus like rhetoric and what a mess.

ALPA or not you guys need representation. Look around...the landscape is starting to give you many reasons why.

As always we are pulling for you that the proverbial light will sometime soon start shining through.

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