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It's no wonder why DAL is hurting

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Well-known member
Sep 17, 2005
I am trying to get my wife TWO tickets to South Asia on DAL. So I call their 800 number and remain on hold for 14 minutes. Figuring I just called during a peak period, I call my wife and ask her to make the booking as I had to go fly. When I get the hotel last night, I again call the Delta 800 number, 25 min on hold. This morning my wife calls and tells me she tried to reach them all night and only got through after a 45 minute hold at 2300 last night. In an effort to protect her time invested in calling the beloved Delta reservation line, she gives her cell # to the agent and clearly instucts her to call back if they get disconnected. Well, after around 10 minutes of speaking with the agent, just as the booking was being made, she gets disconnected. No call back from Delta. Lovely!

So we're willing to drop $2500 on two r/t tickets on the big DAL and they can't be bothered with our business? General Lee, what gives? Did DAL outsource their call center to India or something? Pathetic way to run a business. I suppose this is the result fo some genius in management to cut back staffing in customer service... way back, like to the point where there is no longer any service, and in my case, now no longer any customer.

My airline flys to the same destination but the flights are oversold. The only other carrier is NW and there is no way in hell I would buy a ticket on them (nothing against the NW pilots, love you guys/gals, it's against you mgmt. I won't support their tactics to outsource labor/ set up alter ego airlines). I cancelled our NW Visa two weeks ago, btw.
This is not new. Delta has been so far behind the power curve on this issue that one can only assume that since their LF is pretty high as it is, they just don't want or care about any additional business. I know management has heard this very complaint numerous times, still nothing changes. Truely, a pitiful way to run a business. Hey GS, are you listening you DumbFuk!

I am sure the General will spin this in some positive manner.
next time go SWA...we love your money. (not don't say we don't fly there)
I am sorry to hear about your troubles booking seats on DAL. What you described does sound entirely unacceptable. Hopefully you'll give us another shot in the future.
Allow me to fill in for the General:

"...well...once SONG gets rolling, and we get the retired guys back off line, and our new European routes getting hopping...we'll be RIGHT back on track..."

Seriously--the airlines that will survive won't be the cheapest seats, or have the lowest labor costs. The airlines that survive will be the ones that provide VALUE...i.e...a good product for a fair price. Many legacies have gotten so busy worrying about price they have forgotten about customer service and have lost their most loyal customers as a result.
I used to say there was a 1% chance of Delta going Chapter 7. I am now upping that to 5%.

Where in "South Asia" were you trying to go ?

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