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Hey Guys! I have an idea of how to expose management, and have somone fight for us

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My brother emailed Greta Van Sustren about that white girl that was missing in Aruba. He emailed her and ripped her for not reporting on some black chic that was pregnant and missing and how that was such bs and called her a
b!tch. Unfortunately he sent it from his law firm which has those disclaimers on the bottom of the email. No sh!t, she CALLED the boss of the law firm and was outraged at how one of his workers had time to email hate letters to her. Guess what, he got FIRED over it. So I agree totally with Ace in that if we all sent some emails out to someone maybe they will listen. Im for it.
Don't ask people to join your army when you haven't even figured out who the enemy is. That's like looking for Bin laudin in Iraq. Falafal indeed!
Ok so Richard is on board.......Do I have any other PROFESSIONAL PILOTS that are ready to stand up for themselves?
Maybe if we got a sample letter together, like AOPA did for pilots to email the Congress about the TFR's over D.C., we could have pilots write their own stories or use a sample to send out professional type emails.
Bill O'Reilly is a factually challenged, egomanical bully.

If enlisting his advocacy is the last, best chance to save this industry, I think I finally will look up the number to that truck driving school.
I prefer Chris Mathews. He has a sharper intellect.

O'Reilly sounds like an arrogant longshoreman.
Ace757 said:
Call this a long shot, but how many of you ever watch Bill Oreilly on Fox News.

Thanks, I had quite enough of of him when he was hosting the deplorable "Inside Edition." He hasn't improved much since then.

The man's a poor journalist, who plays fast and loose with the facts to further his own agenda. You're nuts if you think he'll be the knight in shining armor for working pilots.

How about we get the vacuous Fox and Friends morning team to stand up to those bully airline execs. That'd teach 'em. You weren't really serious, were you?
The problem is, that any media pesonality that can pass the "loyal American capitalist according to the neo-con sniff test," isn't gonna give a hoot about your problems.

And, the fact is that you wouldn't vote for anyone who doesn't pass the "loyal American according to the neo-con sniff test."

We're all members of the Billionaires For Bush club. "Don't tax wealth, tax work!" And so we've all written our own fates at the ballot box.

PS: I don't watch that pinko clown either. But at least he cares about labor.
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