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Help the RAH furloughs

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This thread should be automatically closed! YX and F9 crews are on the street and you sir have the audacity to post this crap! Shame on YOU!!

Furloughed Midwest.
Note the flame on the post...

This was the design of one man, and does not represent the RAH pilot group. We all want the furloughs back. All furloughs. He's just trying to help his fellow furloughed pilots and we certainly can't blame him for that.
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As far as I'm conerned the thread title implies RAH furloughs. To me that means RAH pilots whom were furloughed prior to the acquistion of Midwest or Frontier and Lynx.
Not sure what your getting at. I was furloughed before the F9 deal was complete. I belive this would put me at the bottom of the list. I will go overseas before I do that. I mean, I make more now at Lowes then an RP FO. Good luck to all F9 and Midwest guys.
What I was getting at is simple, this petition leads me to believe it was meant for the 100+ Republic furloughees across all three certificates, Shuttle America, Republic Airlines, and Chautauqua and not Frontier and Midwest Airlines.
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Yes that is how I read it also. I dont have any respect for these guys. Sorry you didnt get the sarcasm in my original post.

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