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Govt has to do something!!

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06 STL WS Champs
Sep 22, 2005
Ok... If the oil prices keep going up like that have been, then every 121 is going to go Tango Uniform. Along with every trucking company (and i bet that at least 70% of all the cargo moved in the US is moved my trucks). Something has to be done very soon!! I know that every major oil company has had RECORD profits the past year. They are producing the same amount of oil for the past 2 years, yet they had RECORD profits. What he heck is going on...?? Any ideas to the problem or whats going to happen? Maybe the Gov should sub the airlines??
why? raise the prices for the tickets like any other industry does except the jackass airlines. pass on the cost to the consumer.
I am looking for a factual account of the record profits. I don't doubt it but like to see some substantiation. Thanks.
You're right, Capitalism is a silly idea, and it's been proven that communism is a much more efficient form of government. It's no wonder that the USSR is the world's only superpower and the United States is practically a third world nation. Hopefully our government will finally wake up soon and realize that capitalism doesn't work and start making real, necessary reforms.

They can start with seizing any property that they can use for the people's good, it's time that greedy land owners stop hoarding property for their own evil, selfish reasons. Surely the evil corporations should stop making their evil profits, so the government should take control of them as well, so that they can, uh, reap the evil profits. But, clearly, the government will be able to much more efficiently distribute those profits for the good of the people. These will be brave, necessary steps, but sometimes, as we all know, the press can shade the story in a negative way for their own personal, selfish gain. Obviously it will be in the best interest of the people for the government to take control of the press in order to make sure that the proper story is being communicated to the ignorant masses. Granted, there will be a few stubborn fools who refuse to accept that this is all done for the good of the public, and they may try to disrupt the plans for their own selfish reasons. Thankfully we will be able to bring the military home from their corporate wars designed to line the pockets of rich oil companies, so they will be available to dedicate their resources to sniffing out these ill-conceived greedy ones among the masses and deal with them in a stern manner, in order to send the proper message to the masses.

It's about time we recognize the true genius of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and Chairman Mao. We've given capitalism its fair shake, and after 229 years of an impotent economy, we should definately admit defeat and get with the program.
Actually, high price is caused by the shortage of refininerys (no new ones since 1970's), high enviromental restrictions on fuel, and taxes...plus, most refineries in US are light crude only- the most expensive crude...

Gov't can't do anything well, the only make it worse- look at Europe- socalist countries, high prices. Gov't bumbles and screws up EVERYTHING
The fuel has not increased in price at my FBO- 100LL holding at 3.91/gal since late July, even with recent spikes

Sounds like you are a prime canidate for socalist indoctrination- do a little research...
Hmmm...gas prices high..{typing on calculator}....can't make money on full airplanes...{still typing}....hmmm what to do what to do.....well I could raise prices and ACTUALLY charge a fare that would make money.........or I could hit the employees up for another concession....{more calculator}....no no that will not work, already hit them four times so far.....hmmmm...{tapping forhead} WAIT I GOT IT!!!!!! The Gubment...yea thats it...Gubments always bail out the stupid airline mgmt. types...........

Just raise the prices so you can make a profit, just make sure that you actually give quality service...........oh wait..I forgot...Does that exist in the U.S. anymore??

The foreign carriers of the world make the US carriers look really really stupid. Grab a seat on Singapore, Quantas, or well heck just about any of the bigger ones. We have really let ourselves go in the service department. Frankly the US sucks in quality of service. Fix that and charge appropriate rates and the good ones will survive, the bad ones will become the Edsels of the industry.
XJETDriver said:
Maybe the Gov should sub the airlines??
I think you have been smoking too much government subsidized crack.

I'm supposed to pay higher housing costs, higher heating costs, higher grocery costs, higher taxes, higher gas prices. Pay for Katrina and Rita victims, the gulf war, the war on drugs, the war on hunger AND pay higher taxes to keep your monkey ass in that stupid zoot suit?

Guess what? You better call Devry and get into one of their technical school programs...operators are waiting.
Government intervention will only make it worse.
Geezus! I hate when 100LL says something intelligent. :angryfire

I think you have been smoking too much government subsidized crack.
ROFLMMFAO! :laugh:

Let us bear in mind that we, as pilots, are die-hard Republicans in general (90%?). And as such, we must also hold the opinion that free-market capitalism is the ONLY way to run an economy.

No unions ... no subsidies ... market forces rule. You can't be a part-time right-winger. That's what I respect about 100LL. He is a right-wing nutjob very day of the week. Not just when it suits him to be one.

Last edited:
Ummm... whats funny is that you guys don't seem to see that the airlines already are government-subsidized

Or do Delta, United and American stick around because they make sooo much money? http://slate.msn.com/id/116288/

As for oil prices, well if we'd just nuke China and enslave the rest of the middle east I think that would solve the problem. Otherwise I think demand will outstrip supply which of course means prices will go up.

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