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Flight options new pay

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Rumors... you've gotta love 'em! Why speculate when we should have the numbers in the next few days?
Me thinks someone is fishing and/or wanting to stir the pot before it's on the stove...
We all know that it won't be anything near Netjets when it comes to pay.

That was a boom time for the Fractionals and the whole economy, today is a different story and I am sure the TA will reflect the recession in its pay numbers.
I hope so!!! I fly the line at FO and a little bird told me 10%, if that is the case, I VOTE NO!!!!

If you're only concerned with the pay section, and are expecting NJ pay parity (plus?) don't waste your time reading the TA. Just cast your NO vote.

For the rest of us, I hope everyone will take the time to read and UNDERSTAND all sections of the TA while considering the market conditions in which this agreement was reached. Then cast a fully informed vote.

This will be our first contract and will affect much more than salary. It will impact our overall compensation, give us work rules, schedule choices, eliminate slide to poverty and much more. Perhaps this thing will be a POS and will receive an overwhelming NO vote. But I think it would be foolish and shortsighted to cast a NO vote on pay alone.

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