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Expressjet. No limit to sick days

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A few companies don't have a set number anymore. It's a discretionary thing. If you abuse it, you are basically going to be "abused" right back. Then those decent companies will also allow you to pretty much have as many unpaid days as your little heart desires, but I could see how that could bite you in the rear too.
One of your captains was telling me that you guys don't have a limit on sick days anymore. Is that true?

Yup unlimited amount of sick days. We get 5 hrs of sick time per month. Fatigue calls are also now a part of the ASAP program and one no longer has to talk to a CP about it. If you call in sick just bring a DR's note when you return and you will be good to go. You can call in sick as many times as is needed without fear of losing your job.
Just to clarify, Unlimited sick calls with Dr.'s notes. How many without them?
Unlimited with notes, 4 without and you'll get a note in your vfile, basically a reminder, means nothing... 5 and you get a meeting with the ACP to discuss why you're missing so much work. This is all within the previous 12 cal months. I haven't called out sick in a year or so though so I haven't used it. But you can simply go to the company doctor at any of the hubs for free.

anyone have a link to anything official on this?
If you were an XJT pilot you could go to our ALPA website and see for yourself, or you would have gotten a notice from the company.... But if you're not I guess you'll have to take our word for it.

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