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Comair Classes

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May 27, 2002
Anyone spoke to Linda this week? I interviewed Feb. 21 and I am still sitting. Just wondering if I am the last of the Feb interviews.
Got a friend in class right now (started 15 July and interviewed first week in March). Anyway, he said the Aug. 19 class was canx due to MCO guys going to school. He did say that there was already a class of MCO guys there, so, maybe Aug 19 will be one of the last classes for them. What is your background? The reason I'm asking is that he said he talked to Kathy over there and that they try to take an equal amount of backgrounds in each class. For instance, 8 person class, they want 2 military, 2 freight/135, 2 prt. 121, and 2 Comair Academy CFI. He said there was a Comair CFI that interviewed the end of April in his class. So, basically, your "seniority" for class dates is based on your background and they will pluck 'x' amount of people out of your background for each class, based on the interview dates within your background.

I interviewed Apr. 25 and have a part 121 background. Maybe we can get all the Comair "poolies" to reply and we can get an idea of where we all are in the big picture.
Thanks for responding. I am one of the many forloughed Eagle Pilots hoping for a better life. I had heard that "Interview Date" was not the only factor, but I was not sure. Hopefully things will pick up by fall.
Hey Lev...

Do you, (or does anyone) have a thought regarding the percentage of Eagle Furloughees who will be returning to Eagle, when and if recalls begin. I realize that the percentages will fall as time extends. I thought maybe you would have an idea of how many Eagle pilots have already jumped ship vs. those who plan to hang in there.
I just spoke with Linda this morning. There will be 2 new hire classes in August (19th and 26th). Both will have 6 people. No word on September classes yet, since there still are CRJ delivery issues. I hope this sheds some light for some folks.
Ths last MCO class is Oct. 14

Aug 12, 26, a couple in Sept.
Thanks for the Info. I was able to get a hold of Linda today and was told the same story. Hopefully we will all be in class soon.

As for Eagle guy's returning, I have only kept in touch with six guys. Two are now working ACA and the other four are in line at Comair. My feeling is that many guy's won't return. They just have not sent their resignation letters in yet. The company's position is that ony six guys have left to date. I think you could multiply that number by at least 10 or 15 if you count the guys that have no intention of comming back but have not said so yet. Eagle would be my last choice at this point, but it's better than watching soaps!!!
hey all you CMR poolies:

If you had interviewed at ACA in the same timeframe (Feb/March) and had been hired, you would've been in class soon thereafter (ie no later than mid-April).
You probably would've spent no more than 3 months in training, including IOE, and would've likely been online for at least a month. You'd also have at least 150+ ppl below you on the seniority list, judging by the recently published 3Q '02 list.

Just something to think about. CMR is a good place to be, ACA is as well. Keep the big picture in mind. If you had the qualifications to be hired by CMR, I can guarantee you would've been competitive, if not hireable by ACA. Don't focus too much on one thing though, because you might be letting another opportunity slip by.

Eagle Recalls...


I am one of Eagle's redundant children--When 20 pilots were recalled last week, it took 30 calls. So, about 1 in 3 are opting to pass. There is supposed to be another recall started later this week or next. No solid rumor on its size. All I know, is that there several guys next on the recall list that are waiting to get class dates at other airlines.

Lastly, all of those being recalled now will be heading to the "rock." There is a good chance that the SJU and MIA ATR operationd will be sold off later this year or early next.
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Eagle....don't get me started!

I read something tonight on the aviationinterviews.com message board about a late April interviewee getting called for the Aug 19th class at Comair.

I'm confused...I've asked Sharon more than once how people were being brought to class and she always has replied "by interview date with the exception of the military folks who were previously hired and are being deactivated."

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