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I hear most of the crashes on take off are from pilots taking off with the rear engine not running(never started, or quit in taxi). A guy who had flown them told me when you start adding power on takeoff, you lead with the rear engine.
FLYING had an article a couple years ago. They mentioned how they sound "funny" when flying by. I think the reason was something about how the props aren't on the same plane (the aft being higher) and the sound freqs dont' "mesch" well.
phantomdriver said:
Is the C-337 skymaster easy to fly?
I have about 100 hours in a C-337 Skymaster (Turbo)... It was a 1967... I wasn't impressed at all with the performance of this plane... Flies a lot like a C-182 but heavier... Even with both engines running it was a dog... Maybe the one I was flying was just a bad one, not sure as this was the only one I had ever flown...
phantomdriver said:
Is the C-337 skymaster easy to fly?

Depends. If you know what you're doing, it is. ;) (not like this guy!) http://www.ntsb.gov/NTSB/brief.asp?ev_id=20001211X11560&key=1

I flew a couple hundred hours in a normally-aspirated one, and best I remember it'd do about 150 TAS on +/-28 gallons/hour. As a point of comparison I was flying a Turbo Saratoga with all the speed mods and it'd do 165 TAS on the same fuel burn, with the added benefit of only one engine to overhaul.

But like any recip twin, by having two engines all you're doing is doubling your chances of one conking out. At least in the Mixmaster you don't have to worry about tumbling out of the sky when one quits.
phantomdriver said:
OK. I am looking to buy one and I would like to have as much info as i can.

Phantom, I owned an H model for several years, and I liked the airplane. The H models were some of the last ones built. It was normally aspirated and the Cont. IO 360's we're quite reliable in my experience.

The H models had several refinements over the older models, the most important of which is the fuel system.

As I recall, the older 337's had aux and main tanks, and you had to press a button to get aux fuel tank readings up on a guage, or something weird like that.

The H models had the simple selectors we know and love, L, R, Crossfeed, Off.

I would own one again. The H models, and others that are modified, have a baggage door on the right side of the airplane. I recommend this.

Some things to look for....

Corrosion...these planes are getting older.

Proper sealing of the avionics access panels forward of the windshield.

Same with the main cabin door

The Pilot window is also an emer exit, and also needs to be properly rigged and sealed.

As you are aware, each main gear has two gear doors. If I were to buy one today, I would get the STC that removed all those doors, and associated actuators. The the mains simply tuck inside two small openings. This will significatly reduce your maintenance on the gear.

As posted earlier, the airplane is heavy in roll. But it goes give you good stability. You can typically plan on 160 to 160 kts no problem on the later models.

The later turbo models did tend to be dogs down low as they suffered from cooling problems, especially the rear engine. They were also a bit heavier. I would NOT buy a turbo or P model.

It's an excellent 4 place airplane. I never kept the two small seats installed, choosing to have a large baggage area. They would only be for a small child anyway.

You will be impressed by the visibility. The front seats are forward of the wing, like a cardnial, and the windshield wraps up high.

Get online with the Cessna Pilot groups for some more info.

And with anything such as this, have a proper pre-purchase contract drawn up and inspection by a reputable shop specializing in 337's that you choose.

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