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aviation movies...

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Funny you should ask! I just bought "The High and the Mighty" tonight at Wal Mart and watched it for the first time......it was a classic!

Steven Spielberg's fire fighting movie. Awesome.

John Goodman, Richard Dryfus, and that hot Holly Hunter.
calfo........yep, the one and only. State Dept Air Wing.
Ben Dover said:
I recently joined Netflix and am looking for recommendations on aviation related movies. Movies about airmen, airlines, air battles would all quality. The more historically accurate the better.

Thanks in advance,

The best historically accurate aviation movie out there has to be Airplane! I learned so much from that flick. Especially how to engage an auto pilot.

On the side Bridges at Toko Ri (sp?) was pretty good. I have Net Flix too. If you are a WWII buff they have a great series on the war. About 15 CD's if I remember right.
Was that the one with Charleton Heston and Boy George?

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