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August 16..CHQ interview?

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Well-known member
May 28, 2005
anybody in the August 16 interview at Chautauqua...lemme know if ya are and any words of wisdom from the CHQ guys would be greatly appreciated...Been waiting for this one for a long time...ready to get the ball rollin
I know of at least three people interviewing in the either Aug 10 or Aug 16 that don't meet the qualifications for the 170.

Only advice I have is be yourself and make sure your instrument skills are up to speed for the PCATD. They are looking for procedures.

Good luck
You forgot to add the desire to fly it for next to nothing.

Wow, it took five responses for the flaming to begin. Must be a record.
The hiring process is based on attitude! Check out aviationinterviews.com, it was spot on when I interviewed. Also get some time with something similer to the the training device they use for the evaluations. It really sucks and is obnoxiously pitch sensitive.
FrustratedCFI said:
The hiring process is based on attitude!

Yes Yes Yes. It was the best interview I had ever been too. They truly make the interview about you and not all about them. Make sure you pay attention to the DVD's they will play. They may ask you information about them.

Relax and smile! You will do fine

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