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Air Wisconsin

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Wiskey Driver

Return of the Hub Raider
Aug 31, 2002
Ok ladies and gentlemen, the wheels of our training dept are spinning up faster then they can get it ready. We are in hiring mode once again. The magic numbers that I have been told are 2500tt and up with an LOR, for those of you with 3000tt plus and some 121 exp the sim ride will be waived. Folks we are a TOP NOTCH OUTFIT!!!!!!! with the best contract in the industry at this level. Unlike a lot of those carriers out there we work well with our Mgt. Many Many pilots retire from AWAC after 25 to 30 years of service not because they can't get hired else where. I think that speaks volumes about this place. If you have a friend here or know someone that knows someone here, NOW is the time. Hope to see some of you here and tell'em TrickDaddy sent ya:cool: they'll know.
Hey Trick Daddy, glad to see you are healing well or are you still getting your son to type. See you on line soon.
Thanks, no he refuses to do it any longer. I am felling better but I still have the six stiches and little range of motion but I am pushing it to try and get back ASAP. I am kinda going stir crazy, I haven't flown in two months and it's really wearing on me. I look forward to getting back SOON...

Hey guys, Ihave heard the same about Air Wis, I would love to get on with you guys but unfortunately I am still too young for an ATP and dont know anyone there for a LOR, I would appreciate some feedback on my possibility. Thanx!!!!
Ok here is the deal with that. The ATP is SUPER IMPORTANT, without they can't do much with you. What I am saying here is that we are a REAL AIRLINE and our contract is not designed to upgrade people around you out of seniority order. Given your age you would be placed in the 328 and when I was hired it took six months or less to upgrade in that a/c. Now that's not to say that you couldn't bid fo in the Bac jet, in fact we have 20yr plus fo's on that thing but when push came to shove this last year many of them had to upgrade in the CRJ and they just couldn't do that with you. Then again who am I??? Send in a resume and let them tell you that not me, I would love to see you here as long as you have an outstand personality...

I emailed a resume in without a LOR. I know two pilots with AWAC, however not well enough to ask them to walk in my resume.

It appears from the above posts that I probably shouldn't expect an interview invitation.

I am current 121, 2500TT, ATP, 500 turbine (Saab)

I wouldn't say that at all. GET OUT TO THE AIRPORT AND MEET SOME OF THE PILOT GROUP. This industry is way too small for you not to know someone or atleast someone that knows someone. Your type time is just what they are looking for. Prior 121 DON'T GIVE UP ON THIS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Wiskey Driver Hi!
I have that outstanding personality you mentioned,
plus a friend that works for AirWiskey, and an ATP.
Besides the 2500tt what is the minimum for multi time?
Thanks !!
Bare bones mins on multi is 500 with the competitive numbers more around 1200me with 121 under your belt. BUT EVERYONE HEAR ME ON THIS ISSUE. LET PILOT RECRUITING TELL YOU YEA OR NEA NOT ME OR ANY OTHER LINE PILOT. If you think that you have what a company would like to see, send a resume. Do this thru out your career job search and eventually you will be heard. I can't stress this enough...

He's right.

I start class in one week and I was hired with 2900 TT with just over 1000 multi about 800 of it turbine. I fly part 91 with no 121 or 135 experience but I did have several friends with the company one who helped me out a great deal.

I'm sure most of these guys would be willing to help you out if you can make the effort to meet them. Heck just fly to ATW and hang out in airport. I don't know. It's worth it I think.

The main thing is getting the interview.

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