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Air France

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Looks like a windshear event or a hydroplaning problem.....have also heard the aircraft was hit by lightning which on an airbus could knock out the normal braking system.

Time will tell the tale....

There must not be any word in the French Language for




"Sacre Blu!!!"
Even if it's in jest, assuming that an Air France aircraft contains only French nationals is asinine.

While you're checking my spelling, look up "xenophobia"

Joking about burning alive is simian. Look that one up too.
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A thread is starting about the Air France crash and it takes two or three replies before some JERK remarks about how well the pax jumped off the burning plane because they're French! Amazing. Forget about what may have caused this unfortunate event and possibility that a measly 300 people could have burned alive...

Sad to say, but some on this site disgrace pilots and Americans in general. Get a life.

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