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Age 60 Back Again!!!!

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mohammed is the BOMB!!!!
Nov 30, 2002


They took the survey, all ALPA pilots paid for it and the results were against raising age 60. These senior guys benefitted from AGE 60 since 1959, and now they want to pull up the ladder. I feel for many of them, but many others squandered their money in ex-wives, and toys. I'm not going to be stagnated another 5 years because of this.

CALL CONGRESSMAN JAMES GIBBONS, (ret. DAL) and let him know what you think. He is spearheading this thing and it will be voted on in this legislative session. He claims he has not heard any opposition about it. Lets let him know:

Jim Gibbons D.C. Office


Sent: Saturday, November 05, 2005 5:58 PM
Subject: APA Presidential Legislative Alert - Age 60

For those interested in keeping age 60. We all know where some of us stand so no need to slam one another anymore. We all know the issues.
Let the chips fall where they may......

Dano. ALPA DOH 1979

----- Original Message ----- Sent: Friday, November 04, 2005 7:32 PM
Subject: APA Presidential Legislative Alert - Age 60

APA Presidential Legislative Alert - Age 60
November 4, 2005
Fellow Pilots,
The leadership of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee are now drafting a substitute bill for S.65 (which would raise the mandatory retirement age for Part 121 airline pilots). This legislation will be based on a proposed International Civil Aviation Organization standard of age 65 (even though all European countries have yet to agree to the proposal). The Committee is scheduled to mark-up this legislation on November 17, 2005.
Once again, these lawmakers are attempting to focus the debate on individual pilot financial considerations (e.g. terminated pension plans) and their perception of a "national pilot shortage" (while thousands sit on furlough).
Unfortunately, their arguments completely discount:
  • The longstanding safety benefits of the current "Age 60" rule;
  • Expert FAA medical testimony which supports no change to the current rule; and
  • The risk of more restrictive FAA pilot medical standards should this legislation be enacted.
It is the position of the Allied Pilots Association that neither economic pressures nor a desire to "standardize" with someone else’s mandatory pilot retirement age are acceptable reasons for lowering the level of safety in commercial airline operations.
We urge you to act now and contact members of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee. Let them know that you strongly oppose any change to the current "Age 60" rule. Reiterate that the number one priority of the Senate must be the safety of the traveling public.
You can use the link provided at the end of this e-mail (you must first be logged into the APA Web site) to send a message to each member of the Senate committee.
It’s your career, it’s our profession. U.S. Senate legislators need to hear from you.
<A href="http://www.alliedpilots.org/Members/APA-CAPA_Legislative/Legisl_Action/sendFax_Age60.asp" target=_blank>Send a fax to the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee

Silent? Guess you don't go to meetings or read the email they send.I was at a meeting just 4 weeks ago and heard DW say ALPA is against any changes to Age 60.
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SWAPA = for it.
"squandered money on ex-wives and toys." I have news for you buddy, I spent 95% of my income on fast women, fast cars, and fine wine. The other 5% I wasted. What's your problem?
Yeah, all the same old dbags are still crying about it.

I'll be making a call and sending an email to the (dis)honorable Mr. Gibbons.

I will be writing/voting according to my own particular circumstances and what I believe in - not what someone who does not know me or what I have done, tells me how I should view this issue. I know more than most, being an international pilot, how the rest of the world views it and also the history of how this came about in the US and the reasons for and against.

Always two sides to every story.....:)
Tell ya what,

Lets change it to 65....BUT ONLY FOR NEWHIRES THAT START after say a DOH of 1/01/2006. The rest of us knew going in that we were out at 60 same for all the guys at the top that now want to hang around for awhile.

I also believe at UAL we need an up or out, way too many 25+ year widebody F/O's who cannot upgrade!

Happy to hang it up at 60, but I a afraid we will lose this one (hope I am wrong)

P.S. this is written by a 34 year old.
RedDogC130 said:
Get out of here I need a job

ME 2 !!!

Preferably without ALPA assistance, control or involvment......unless of course I can be a voluntary dues paying member LOL.

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