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9E LOA's

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Well-known member
May 28, 2005
Was just for captains, announced available to all FO's...i think were gonna get bit by the furlough bug
[FONT=&quot]Sounds interesting. I just don’t have a clue what you are saying. Please explain what it is you are talking about. Thanks.[/FONT]
He is trying (poorly) to communicate that Pinnacle is offering Leaves of Absence.

-This is often the first step toward furlough... If a bunch of people take the leave-they won't have to do as many furloughs.
I guess those who fly around in the demise of our industry with a logo of SWA would not realize 9e means Pinnacle.

How the hell would I ever know what your airline code is? ******************** the demise of the industry started with the RJ...do want to get in to this argument?

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