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Where to live in ATL area?

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Jun 8, 2005
Wife and I are looking at moving to ATL area. Looking for a nice place to live, family oriented, quiet, good schools. We have three kids and obviously commute to ATL is somewhat of a factor. Dont mind being up to 45 mins. Thanks
For schools, Peachtree City is the best in the south side. However, Newnan has more bang for the buck and the taxes are cheaper for the housing market. There are some decent schools in Coweta county, you just have to pick the right area to live in. We have lived here for 4 years and are happy, the commute from Newnan to the airport is around 30 mins. If you have other questions, feel free to PM me.
Not sure what your financial situation is like, but if you look in to some of the neighborhood schools in certain Atlanta areas you can likely get in to city life for the same cost as Newnan or Peachtree City in terms of house. There are people raising families in the city and enjoying themselves quite nicely. My sister lives in the city there and sends her son to a great public school (baccalaureate school). I think you could get in to that district for less-than-mind-blowing home prices and be 15 minutes from ATL. Admittedly, I don't know all of the angles for school considerations, but parts of Decatur are pretty nice, too, and less of a cookie-cutter suburban feel if that is a consideration.

Peachtree City is okay, but really showing its age in areas and it is not quite what it once was. I lived there for all of my school years pretty much and it was great 20 years ago, but has changed in a lot of ways. I go through there now from time to time and just can't believe the traffic and growth.

Newnan is just the epitome of suburban waste land to me. Now, I do tend to lean toward city life because of more unique businesses, restaurants, parks, etc, and Newnan is the polar opposite of that paradigm. It just started to explode about 10 years ago and everyone who would have once lived in Peachtree City moved instead started their families in Newnan and it's just crazy there now. But, again, very little with much of a personality. It is still full of rednecks just like it was 20 years ago, but some of them drive mini vans now. :)

I can't really help you much with the Northside of ATL, I haven't really spent much time in that area, but I would look in to The Vinings, maybe even Marietta or West Cobb County.

One thing I'll say about it in general: Don't let anyone kid you, traffic is just as bad in Peachtree City or especially Newnan as it is right, smack dab in the middle of Atlanta. I lived in the city for years and was never really that put off by traffic. Especially if you don't have to be on the road at 0800 or 1700.

I hope that helps in some way. Good luck!
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Easiest commute in the book is from Newnan. 25-30 min. A lot of nice new shopping areas, restaraunts, etc. Great home prices and a lot of available homes on the market. Quiet country small town feel. Far from the action if that is your thing.
Having lived on both the Southside and Northside of Atlanta at one point or another, I can tell you I far prefer the north side. Far larger variety of restaurants and activities, more vibrant crowd, much more attractive scenery...but that's just my opinion.
I will throw my vote in for Newnan. Great place for a family. Great Schools, about every chain of restaurant you can think of, tons of activities for kids to get involved with, nice shopping.

I would recommend the thomas crossroads area for an easy commute to the airport. It takes me 25 mins to the parking lot.

Peachtree City would be my second choice. Good schools. But I just think there is more to do in Newnan.

I have lived in Newnan all my life. If you have any specific questions about certain areas in Newnan just shoot me a PM.
Check out Cumming. Affordable, Lake, Mountains not far. 45 mins without traffic. Cannot commute during rush hour though. Also has great shopping and a lot to do.

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