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When you know aircaft and base for Horizon

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They put you in whatever aircraft they need people. You find out where you are based during ground school sometime, again where they need you. You can always bid to switch bases, but trying to switch a/c as an fo is dammn near impossible.
superbeechpilot said:

If you do get a class at Horizon when do they tell you what aircraft and base you have? Do you get to choose or give a preference?


They generally tell you what a/c when you are offered the class. Then, as was posted, you find out about 1-2 weeks into ground exactly which base. However, there isn't much mystery.

200 SEA to start most likely, probably wouldn't take long to get PDX
400 PDX only base.
CRJ DEN to start; a few recent new hires wanted PDX, so it might take a little while to get PDX.
If I'm already flying the RJ do you think that they'd put me on the RJ or is that not taken into consideration? How long is training and do/what you get paid? Is all training at PDX?
All the ground training is done at PDX, and the sim is done in Seattle. They pay you 16 hours per week at the base pay which I believe is around $30 per hour. The hotel is free, but double occupancy. They have a great breakfast by the way.
There is no ryhme or reason as to what plane they put you in, however, you would probably have a good shot at the RJ. The 400 is fun to fly, but our pilot group isn't too hung up on equipment. We all get paid the same, however, we would all probably agree the 200 isn't much fun in the summer. You sweat like crazy, and the legs aren't long enough to really cool down.
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Is it mandatory that you stay in the hotel, or are you allowed to stay at home with your family if you live in PDX? My current airline required that you stay in the hotel. Any idea around how much you typically take home per month...with per diem and overblock...etc? Is the pilot group happy with Teamsters? Thanks for all of the info...just trying to find out everyithing before I decide to make the switch.
They don't require you to stay in the hotel, either in PDX during ground training or SEA for sim, as far as I know.

To figure out how much you "take home"...take the guarantee and multiply it by the lowest hourly rate, minus out your typical taxes and add in at best $300 for per diem. "Overblock"?? I suggest you talk to someone about this great contract they work under. It is the most ridiculous document I have ever heard of in 30 years of airline flying.

Happy with the Teamsters? See how happy you are after you read the contract. Ask some simple questions such as "why do you get paid -200 rate even though you are a 3rd year Q400 or CRJ pilot?" Ask "why do I not get to bid on my initial domicile or aircraft assignment and if I want to bid out of this assignment...which I can only do after 2 years and then only to a "higher paying" airframe, why do I have to start over at the bottom of THAT payscale?" Ask, "why does any adjustment to my monthly pay credits come off of the guarantee instead of the line value?" Ask "how is it possible to change the schedules after the bid lines have come out and the bidding closed so that now the trips that are awarded are NOT what you bid, and why is my only pay protection in this case the minimum guarantee instead of my original line value?"

There are tons more you could ask. Go ahead, think of some. Then ask the Teamsters (or the Horizon pilot representatives of such).
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