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What was Airtran thinking?

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relief tube

Well-known member
Jan 24, 2003
I've never been one to start a fire on this board, but this was just stupid and needed to be addressed.

You better bring your credit card the next time you want to jumpseat on Airspam. The first JS gets on, free, like every other carrier so graciously does, but if you're the number 2 guy, they charge you 25 bucks plus tax just to catch a ride home.

I said the heck with that, and waited another hour for a delta flight, that I got on for free. What a deal!

What a joke. Now I know technically such a system gives you more flexibility than the few remaining airlines that allow only 1 JS, but to make money on pilots just trying to get to work, the penny-pincher who thought up that idea should be ashamed.

This is not a hit against the pilot group, but your management that is showing no class in trying to turn a profit in an area it shouldn't even be touching.

The funny part is some stupid marketing campaign in ATL has an Airtran fuel truck driving around painted with the saying (dont quote me) "Other airlines use the same fuel, so why do they charge more?"

Well they charge more because they charge other pilots just to sit in their open seats. A very sad advance in the race to the bottom.

BTW, that satellite radio they have on board, not even half the channels worked.
I know this is wrong to feel this way, but, it cost me more than $25 to catch a ten mile cab ride home from the airport. If Airtran was the only option and I really needed to get home then I am worth a lot more than $25/hour.
I shouldnt even dignify this with a response but here goes. There have been quite a few times I would have gladly paid $25 to catch a ride home on Delta but instead was left at the gate while a plane left with 50+ empty seats because someone beat me to the jumpseat. So while $25 for being the second jumpseater may suck at least you have the option.
well at least delta takes as many as they can fit in the back. I think they are hurting more than airspan. They took 3 of us last Friday
sf260pilot said:
Hey Pedro.....It would be more productive to show the post and not the cross posting message.

He started this same thread in another forum. There was one a while ago about the same deal, but don't know where it is.
relief tube said:
You better bring your credit card the next time you want to jumpseat on Airspam.

And you'd better plan on finding another way home if you have the balls to refer to the company as "airspam" in the presence of anyone who has the go/no-go decision to give you a free (or almost free) ride.

My guess? You DON'T have the balls. You save that for an anonymous message board.
Its unbelievable to watch you guys try and justify this crap. The last time I saw this kind of dancing was when we had the guys trying to justify why they had spent 10,000 for a job. "I'm on the fast track" "I am just lucky to have a job" give me a freaking break. No one on this board said one bad thing about the pilots, they only claimed that this policy stinks. And yet all the rats come screaming out of the holes claiming how lucky we are to only be charged 25. Well why not 50 or maybe even 100? This is the exact mentality that is driving whats left of the industry all the way down the can! Maybe if we pay 50 bucs and help clean the cabin upon landing. Hey, at least we can go to work right. What ever happened to right and wrong? for years pilots have given this curtesy to other pilots, it was one of the things those before us fought for and earned. Not anymore the new generation sans backbone will give that away also. Next time you ask yourself why we are in a race to the bottom, please refer to this thread.

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