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what type of aviation memorabilia in ur cars?

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f#ck kfc!
Feb 22, 2005
What stickers,plates,license plates,license plate holders,cups,pics,or any other aviation items do you people carry on your land vehicules?
I have a private pilot wings sticker in the rear window, and a Id rather be flying plate in the front,of my car. also a little john. hahaha
I have a Lot 3 parking tag on my rear view mirror for ATL.

Other than that, I try not to let people know I work in the aviation industry. :)
I have a mock refueling receptacle in the hood, electroluminescent formation strips on the sides, and black and yellow ejection handles mounted on the headrests. There's also a "Jet-A only" decal from Sporty's around the fuel door and an authentic F4 Phantom stick grip on the shifter.


Actually, just a worker-bee parking permit on the mirror.
What a perfect setup for a revist to the "Mother of all Ricers" car from months past!

Who could forget that student pilots car that had all those stickers on the back, airplane hanging from the mirror, instrument "coasters" attached to the steering wheel, and cut outs of a GPS to place over the radio???


If it asks you to logon to view the board, I setup a user name and password so everyone could access it:

Username: flightinfo
Password: flightinfo
I have the FAA books-of-the-week scattered along the back seat, behind heavily tinted windows.

The airport parking permit tags are on the bumper. I had a nice collection of 30 monthly tags on the rearview mirror until tthe airport went to yearly tags.

"Passenger Eject" and "Missle Fire" sit next to "Horn" and "Wipers" on my touchpad console. I can't get the local CAF to release some gattling guns or even a flame-thrower.

Meal wrappers and empty coffee cups fill the passenger seat floor, emptied once a week.

The trunk contains the most important things in my life, the headset and the flight bag, everything else is just 'stuff'. There's also enough aviation-related tools and liquids to require a hazmat sticker.

Finally, if you lean close to the paint, you can see the rock chips from hundreds of engine starts on the other side of the fence. If you dare breathe around it, you'll catch jet a mixed with 100LL.

Other than that it looks and drives like a cop car.

Jedi Nein
I'll have to post a picture of "The World's Only IFR Jeep" that I current have the pleasure of navigating.

Yes, I am a loser. Stay Tuned.
A Boeing 737 and a 757 magnet on the front window mount of the Jeep.

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