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what the???...travolta buys qantas 747

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John Travolta went thru American Airlines Flight Academy some years back. I guess his skills don't reflect to much on AA.
About a year ago, he got into some trouble at Orlando Sanford airport. He frequently takes his 707 in there. Well, He is leaving there one day and on takeoff, he has some engine problems. He closes the throttles and taxis back to the ramp. As he pulls in, there are some FAA guys standing around and they go to meet him (just to see what went wrong). In the process, they realize that he is the ONLY one on board, no FO no FE, just him. Of course, the 707 requires 3 pilots. His license was temporarily suspended. Obviously, the guy has brass balls, but come on, is this guy really safe? From what I've heard here in FL and what is on this board, he sounds pretty dangerous.
I'm sooooo confused..........
Isn't that what Vinnie Barbarino used to say?
I bet he could pass the captain ride on an erj 145 at eagle, and If he reads what you said about him I bet he would say to you "Up your nose with a rubber hose"
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As a pilot for Travolta, I can tell you that most of this information is false. I wont bother with all the details, its impossible to keep up with all the rumors, but I do want to clear up a few things.

He does own a 707, GII, and ultralight. He is NOT buying a 747.

The GII power loss was unavoidable. It was a bad RCR (which most GII pilots never check, they just turn on both generators at once after start) compounded with a generator failure. Because of the bad RCR, there was no way to disconnect the failed generator from the electrical system and it drained the battery and would not allow the TR or the other generator to power the DC side of the system. With his wife and infant baby on board, he made safe recovery on standby instruments into DCA.

He has been flying since he was 16 and absolutely loves all things related to aviation. With all that experience (he's 47 now), he is a very good pilot and all those crazy stories are false (he's never "buzzed" anything with the 707 or tried to fly an airplane without the required crewmembers). It is amazing how people will inflate a story about a guy just because he is famous and it sounds cool to know the "scoop" in a forum like this.

It is an excellent job, probably one of the best corporate jobs out there. Since the boss is so in-tune with aviation and specifically knows the limits of his airplanes, there is never any pressure to push things or take an airplane that is not absolutely safe to fly. It takes a lot of work to keep a 707 flying and his plane is absolutely the best example of how to keep an old girl flying.
Thanks for clearing things up. Is the Fernandina thing true, or was it even him flying that night? I think it was the end of November. The flight did terminate in Spruce Creek.
snoopy_1 said:

I bet he could pass the captain ride on an erj 145 at eagle,

Whatever, if he could we'd never know, he hasn't bothered to achieve anything past his private certificate, plus Buying a few types from Simuflight and Flight Safety......and plus the fact he has a suspension on his record from the FAA....I put him in the category of Doctor pilots...nothing but money buying flying...
Sounds like JT could make some big money now for slander lawsuits.....I read in a paper that he was in trouble for buzzing his house with the 707....are you "sure" he didn't buzz his house??????????

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