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what the???...travolta buys qantas 747

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Alright, Welcome Back Kotter was popular in its time 25 years ago. Pulp Fiction was a cult classic, but was his comeback venture and I'll bet he didn't get paid all that much for it. Everything since has flopped. Where on Earth is this guy getting his money? Grease and SNF royalties? He's gotta have these things on leaseback somewhere. But then again, as paranoid as he is, probably not. Better start auditing those CoS records.

from the Drudge Report

Travolta Buys 440-seat Jumbo Jet
Sat Mar 23 2002 18:00:26 ET

Hollywood legend JOHN TRAVOLTA has spent over $84 million on a 440-seat jumbo jet, according to reports.

The star will use the Boeing 747 to fly to film premieres around the world.

His spokesman says: "He believes this investment will save him loads of time over the next few years and of course he gets to choose who gets on board with him."

The 47-year-old - who bought the plane from Australian airline QANTAS - has been obsessed with airplanes since childhood, and even named his nine-year-old son JETT.
Actually Travolta is part of the $20 million dollar club in Hollywood. (as in $20 million per movie) And yes, he still gets royalties on the Grease stuff (at least according to E Hollywood Network, can you tell I was furloughed?) He has owned a bunch of jets over the years all the way up to a DC-9 and currently a 707. He also owns a GII, Lear 25, and an old grumman fighter. His dummy corp. "Atlo Inc." is the holding company for all of his aviation stuff. Look it up at landing.com to see his latest holdings. Let's not forget that his wife is also a star, and a hottie for that matter, so I don't think they are hurting for cash.
As I recall, he did a good job a few years back - total power failure in a G-II in IFR, made it into National by going out over the water and descending real low. Of course he had a pilot with him, but still a pretty good piece of work....
I wouldn't question his piloting skills. Everything I've read about him seems to indicate that he takes it very seriously, and knows his personal limitations.
The rest of the Story

The rest of the story, as is pretty common knowledge among GII operators of the time ( about 7 yrs ago) is: JT has a gen failure and gang bars the remainig gen and TR leaving the jet without ac or dc power' nothing but peanut gryo. So his good work was to overcome a problem of his own creation. It has been a while since I have been in the machine, but I believe if you gang bar the BATT and gens you cannot recover the remaining good gen. GII guys correct me if I am wrong.
I was on a night cross-country a few months ago and some guy was on the radio wanting to do a low approach into Fernandina Beach (near JAX) and he had some prob. with his flight plan. Well they got it sorted out and the guy ask's approach if they want to know what all the fuss was about. Approach said they didn't care, but now that he brought it up they said to tel. The guy said Mr. Travolta wanted to check the place out to buy a house there. Fernandina is similiar to Spruce Creek for anyone that cares. I'm just assuming Travolta was the pilot that night.
Here is a little interesting story when i worked in the backwoods of maine. We used to fly kelly preston around quite a bit.

One day an old lady on an island called isle boro calls Bangor FSS (because it's a free call) and tells the guy on the other end there is an airliner buzzing the island.

He laughs and says it's probably just a small little plane mam you must be wrong but he's curious. He calls boston center and asks them if they have an airline out there doing anything.

They reply "nope but we do have a 707 doing multiple passes" So by now somebody has a video camera and is recording the 707 below the cliffs on isleboro.

It makes it to the news and the 707 lands in BGR where it usually did.

The feds try to go after JT but the problem is he filed his fltplan through a private company out of houston. That means that through the freedom of information act the company does not have to reveal who the pilot was.

Nobody admits to flying to the 707 so the feds go after the other crew and finally JT fesses up it was him and the feds get him some crappy charge.

He was also banned out of rockland, ME for flying his G2 at 2am because he did it constantly that's why he moved to Isleboro.

He also tookoff on a taxiway in LAS thus the squiggly lines on the taxiways that say "TAXI ONLY"

The list goes on and on. Basically the pilot that flys with him as his safety pilot puts himself into some really bad position by letting JT do all this.
Jeez, for that price he shoulda got a BBJ! What a rip off. He must like those ex-QANTAS jets.....

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