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Usapa lost!!!!!!!!!

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So does that mean
An arbitrated list is used?
It's back to the table on seniority negotiations?
USAPA pays compensation to the wronged parties?
My understanding is that there has already been a bench trial (to the judge only) on damages and that the Judge will rule shortly on what those damages will be. Odds are that there will be an injunction from trying to modify the Nic award and potentially requiring USAPA to pay for the other side's attorneys fees.

I do think that it will also require that eveyone not in good standing has to get caught up so that they can now be voting members in the union.
But USAPA said this case had no merit! How could all 9 jury members not see this! I heard the USAPA update is spin at it'd greatest "Both hands tied behind our back and limited time".
So are you unionless for the time being, or revert back to ALPA?
This Bush appointed judge hates unions and did not allow for any defense. Everything got objected to. This outcome is of no surprise. He basically told the jury how to vote.
Most info by the union was not allowed and this will go to appeal, where a much more competent judical system is in place to hear the whole story. This is a long way from being over. Its just the beginning. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Unless your appeal is to John Prater or Doug Parker, do you really expect to get very far? Every time a neutral party is involved the east pilots lose, and you easties still cannot see that maybe, just maybe, it's you?
US Airline Pilots Association Representing the Pilots of US Airways

Court Decision in Addington Case
May 13, 2009

The Addington case ended today with the jury deciding that USAPA failed in its duty to fairly represent all of its members. Today’s decision, while disappointing, was not unexpected. Since we were required to argue our case with limited time and evidence and were hamstrung by questionable rulings and incorrect instructions, USAPA, quite literally, fought this battle with both hands tied behind its back. Given the circumstances, we have a hard time accepting the idea that we encountered truly unbiased impartiality. Although this is a setback, we are very confident that the errors of law we encountered in this venue will be corrected.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and, if necessary, the United States Supreme Court, are the appropriate places for the law to be truly vetted. While USAPA would have, of course, preferred to prevail in the current setting (allowing the pilot group to come together and work towards an improved contract), we fully expected and planned for this contingency. Again, given the facts of law, we are very confident of our ability to prevail eventually, in proving the absolute right of a union to bargain over the complete terms of its members’ working agreement. Having so planned, our legal team is already working on an expedited appeal and stay of any proposed injunctive relief.

Please watch your email and the USAPA Web site for further updates, which will come shortly. In the meantime, we urge all pilots to continue to show the utmost professionalism, treating your fellow pilots with courtesy and respect.

USAPA Communications | US Airline Pilots Association
Office: 877-332-3342 | Phone Message: 877-332-3350 | USAirlinePilots.org

Here we go again..........blaming the outcome on someone / something else!!
How about being honest and saying that they had NO legal leg to stand on as well as an incompetent legal team?
No one out East will vote for a contract that includes the Nic. No joint contract=no Nic.
Once again the majority is getting screwed by the minority.

3500 against 1600. I wonder who controls the votes?


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