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USAPA is serious this time

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Well-known member
Dec 9, 2008
Your representatives are in CLT this week for the BPR meeting. On Wednesday the most important item discussed was section 29. Ladies and gentlemen USAPA is serious this time. The treasurer informed us that USAPA is owed $2.3 million. Member or objector, it is time to pay up.

USAPA is been trying for months to get pilots fired under section 29. Looks like they are getting desperate for money since USAPA has been found guilty of DFR.

Judge Wake is to issue an injunctive remedy on June 20th. The trial for damages starts on August 11th.

The noose is tightening.
Seaham must be sporting a FUPM bracelet these days.
You'd expect to receive a DFR damages settlement without ever having paid a dime in dues?


Labor Unions have a LEGAL OBLIGATION to fairly represent ALL of it's constituents...members and non members alike.

There is no Federal Law requiring participation in a labor union.

It's been well over a year and the inbreds at USAPA still don't understand what their legal obligations actually are...not surprising since they never had any intention to actually represent a west pilot from day one.
Bills are coming due for USAPA, they need cash ASAP! They want to muscle the West pilots before the Suzie Arb. result comes in and the possibly of maybe being out 1.5 Mil. No refunds for overpayment if Suzie wins, so pay or play if you get the lucky green card in the mail this week!

One question to the USAPA faithful, how does the Section 29 process go to the hundreds out East who have not paid go? Don't want to fracture the loose DOH Band of Brothers do we with Section 29 proceedings do we?
You Westies are a piece of work.

I thought this would be over in February. This is far from over and like the Air Wisconsin pilots, USAIR pilots will fight til the end.

Air Wisconsin was the first airline to be put in to trusteeship by ALPA, thus allowing the cram down of the seniority list with MVA. (Mississippi Valley)

Air Wisconsin went always date of hire with C and R (Aspen, MAX), with the expection of the MVA merger and look, it came out just like the AWA AAA merger. A huge mess. Just ask some of the 1978 Air Wisconsin DOH how they feel about MVA and how ALPA screwed them. The few that are left still hate each other after 30 years . The DOH mergers all worked out fine, because sooner or latter you will respect it.

Air Wisconsin tried everything, just like the the USAIR pilots to get rid of a flawed SLI. The 50 that are left are mostly MVA and enjoyed their Windfall at the expense of original Whiskey pilots. When United downsized them to 16 146 all the MVA pilots were able to hold on. History does repeat itself. DOH is the only fair way and history proves it. United will soon be asking for DOH because times change, your DOH does not. Trying to leapfrog many years of service is greed at its purest.

Longevity has everything to do with DOH.

Everything is based on DOH.

The greedy- I want to fly jets now PFT crowd of the 90's- just do not get it. A lost generation that is focused on me and not the big picture.

I have to admire USAPA's transparency. Their alterior motives are plainly evident every single time.

Kind of like a 3-year-old that way. Charming.:(

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