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Us Airways????

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Well-known member
Apr 19, 2002
Just read the news in the paper this morning concerning Chap 11 vs. gov't loans inaddition to possible union givebacks...anyone know how many pilots they have already furloughed??? Is there another furlough in the future????

Thye ahave around 1000 pilots out on furlough right now. Some more were due to go on the 15th of this month but that was pushed up until around October with the RJ deal that the union and company came to.

It was on the general board, what does this mean-USAirways.

Not much response, it is what it is.
US Airways furloughs

There are currently 1070 on furlough by US Airways. There were 1073, but 3 were recalled in their latest J4J (jets for jobs program). An additional 287 were to be furloughed (again), but the deal keeps those guys on the property. Those 287 are supposed to be protected from furlough (per the contract) anyway. With another Force Majure event (let's hope not for all our sakes), then all bets are off for those guys.

I know this may sound NUTS, but my furlough there really was a blessing. I can sum it up with 3 letters.....SWA.

Good luck to all the U furloughees. I wish you all the best. I hope you're all as fortunate as I was. I'll see some of you guys in Dallas real soon. Have a great summer!
It looks like I'll be seeing you in Dallas, Coop. My time at U was fun, but it's time to get on with things now...

Reprinted with permission


Arlington, VA. - USAirways Group (U) today announced new non-stop service to bankruptcy in continuing effort to compete with other airlines flying East Coast routes."We're definitely excited," cited an anonymous USAirways executive, "we feel with this new nonstop service, our passengers will enjoy a greater flying
experience whether it be with United, Southwest, jetBlue, or even their local taxi cab companies."
In what is being viewed as an "aggressive move" by Wall Street analysts, USAirways has announced cancellation of all flights to Florida. "With the airplanes being constantly full with passengers, our expenses are out of control." said one USAirways representative. " By canceling all of these flights, we will save an estimated $42.00 PER DAY by not using as many trash bags, Attache magazines, and coffee stirrers. We will now begin flying 35 daily nonstop flights from Philadelphia's Terminal B to Philadelphia's Terminal A. Our first class passengers on board these flights will be given complimentary wetnaps and seatbelts."
In another surprise move, USAirways announced it will paint a new livery on each airplane of its fleet within the next 2 years. The traditional "USAirways American flag" will now be replaced with a "white flag" symbolizing a total surrender to other airlines. "We also have a design team working on a paint scheme that will be painted all along our fuselage. It will be a picture of 40-60 USAirways pilots standing shoulder-to-shoulder in solidarity...in the unemployment line, which has long been our tradition here at USAirways."Brent Davis, a 15 year USAirways pilot, agrees. "I was hired in 1987 and since then I have seen the bad times and the good one. The bad times, such
as being furloughed 293 times are hard. But the 148 hours of flying that I have done here since 1987 have been wonderful. I'll never forget that day in June of 1990 when we actually turned a profit for the entire day...that was awesome."USAirways also announced they will shift their strategic focus from business
travelers to deadheading crewmembers. "With 60 to 90 deadheading crewmembers aboard each aircraft, our 3 or 4 revenue paying passengers will enjoy the added safety of knowing that if all of the 30 or 40 captains become incapacitated, there will still be 5 or 10 more on board able to land the aircraft, provided, of course, that they were not notified via the GTE
touchphone on the back of the cabin seats that they were furloughed while enroute."
USAirways also will begin service to Chapter 13, with a short layover in Chapter 11. "
I hope your happy

It is a shame that some take enjoyment out of another airlines troubles. US Airways is a great airline that has had some poor management over the years.

You folks at SWA are riding high right now thats great. But don't let your guard down. We will emerge from this better than ever.

I love US AIR I was with their regionals for almost 18 years before I went to mainline. SWA turned me down in February and they did me a favor. I will be around to help this airline return to greatness.

Good Luck

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