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UPS Furloughs Begin This Weekend

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001

UPS Airlines will furlough 54 pilots Sunday and may cut around 250 additional pilots by year end, according to both the company and the Independent Pilots Assn. representing the cargo carrier's 2,800 pilots.

UPS said in February that it would begin furloughing "at least" 300 pilots in phases beginning this month unless it could "find a solution with the pilots' union that would avert or mitigate the layoffs before they take effect" (ATWOnline, Feb. 9).

Last year, the company and IPA reached agreement on "a variety of voluntary steps" to cut $90 million in costs, in exchange for a promise from management that there would be no furloughs through April 1 of this year.

But UPS said this week that lower demand, a more modern fleet requiring fewer pilots and raising of the pilot retirement age from 60 to 65 in December 2007 necessitates its first-ever pilot furloughs.

"At a time when the number one issue for most Americans is creating jobs, UPS is creating unemployment," IPA President Robert Thrush said. "What makes this furlough truly unfortunate is that our pilots took it upon themselves to give up pay and benefits to produce…guaranteed savings for UPS, enough to keep these 300 pilots employed well into 2011."

He charged that management earlier this year "mockingly [held] out hope that the furloughs may be mitigated, averted or eliminated" so that it could "shamefully attempt to place blame on the pilots for somehow failing to act."
Hey at least they were honest about the age 60 to 65 part.

This sucks for my friends and former co-workers, good luck guys.
"In union there is strength." Aesop

IPA Executive Board Hotline

This Sunday, for the first time in our history we will have members of the IPA on furlough.

The only act that cuts deeper for a Union member would be an unjust termination. The difference in this case being that a large number of our members are affected rather than just one.

A pilot is hired to work for UPS to provide a service and be compensated for that work. Employees structure their life around their employment here at UPS and do so with the understanding and faith that UPS will respect them and treat them fairly.

As professional pilots we place a high value on honor and trust. It is an absolute requirement for a safe operating aviation system. We have to trust that the mechanic has fixed the airplane correctly. We have to trust that the fueler has fueled the aircraft correctly. We have to trust the load crew has loaded the aircraft correctly. This well-oiled machine can be jeopardized if the corporation that is responsible for managing this system loses our trust.

UPS insists on calling this devastation for our members and their families a “business decision.” We disagree. You do not treat your family, your employees, in this manner. Whether UPS wants to admit it or not, this “business decision” to furlough members will have long-term consequences. Especially when there were viable alternatives that would have prevented any need for the furlough of a single IPA member.

The IPA is not interested in being a participant in the misguided plans of certain UPS managers who hope to leverage this furlough for gain. Career growth and advancement on the backs of hardworking employees is reprehensible.

“They cannot take away our self-respect if we do not give it to them.” Mahatma Gandhi

This Sunday we will continue to perform our jobs in the same professional manner we have for over 20 years. If you happen to see all of the FQS scattered around the system this next week waiting for nothing to happen, offer then a smile, a handshake and a word of encouragement that with a few more signed cards we will all be better off than we are today.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our furloughed members and their families. You are NEVER forgotten.

Your Executive Board
Sorry this is happening to you guys. Best wishes from fellow furlough fodder.
UPS guys should be kicking every over 60 guy squarely in the jimmies for this.
True that-
But they are breaking in to guys rooms to have them fly trips that are uncovered? Wow!

explanation? ??

Age 65 even misses the mark....The pilots at UPS really don't need to be fighting themselves right now- how many millions did UPS make last year? Sorry- but furloughs at a company that profitable is incredible.

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