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UAL Returning Furloughees

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Never trust a clown
Feb 19, 2005
Anyone have any idea what equipment and domicles are being awarded to people returning? Also, any thougths on how many may potentially be recalled next year?
Only guy I know who took the recall in the last 6 months got the Bus in SFO.

That's what he was furloughed out of, so it seems like the most junior position now.

(I'm not a United guy, so I'm just going on what I hear).
Sounds like at least 300 or so to be recalled from what I hear--also, what aircraft are based in JFK these days for UAL?
At least 300 to be recalled in 2006, Forte said a min of 20 per month, so far a June 99 bubba just go tthe call.

JFK has a 767 Base and I think the A320 is there also, but not sure since I have been furloughed since 2003.
Anyone know with the current work rules at UAL if lineholders are able to drop down to a min line value of 60 hours? Or is everyone forced to work 80+hours a month?

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