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This Roger Cohen makes me want to puke

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Can you say Scumbag? All the way down to his 'spray on tan'..
He's on "frontline" on PBS now. What a tool.

What, exactly, did he say that made him a tool? If anything, he didn't defend our industry enough. There are no first officers at ASA earning under $35,000 per year or so. The average is probably closer to $40,000.00 - $45,000.00, since we haven't hired in so long.

Of course, ASA is a "major" airline by definition, and truly cannot be placed in the same bucket as other smaller regional airlines. That is a point that this show didn't make. Not all regionals are the same, and that is an important fact.

It also didn't make the point that regionals do more takeoffs and landings and more legs per day at 52% of the flights for the majors. It is pure mathematics that more accidents will be at the regional level. If most of the flights were the majors, but the accidents were at the regional level, THEN it might mean something.

Remember guys, this show has an axe to grind, and they edit and show what they want the public to see.
Discuss PBS "flying Cheap" regional airline expose

Holy Crap we look bad!

There is also a huge opportunity for the industry to make positive changes.
he was a tool...he was defending the industry by saying that a person making $21K could live fine....he is a tool who is helping "not" get you regional guys more....you seem to not realize that.

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