SWA Interview Notes

Mach 80

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May 25, 2004
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Sometimes the reason a guy get's turned down is just because of the numbers. If 80 people interview in a month and they only want 20, 60 are going to get turned down. Maybe half those guys had obvious weak spots but the rest simply got caught up in the numbers. Supply and demand. I have heard stories where almost all the interviewees were wonderful but....SWA simply didn't need them all and it made deciding VERY tough.

Vince Neil

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Feb 29, 2004
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Had I not used a prep service I would have been done within five minutes of the first interview. Before prep my answers on how would I handle certain things were just too military and hardline. After going trough it a bit I realized that to a civilian I would've sounded like a prick. Those type of responses I originally had are IMO the shazbot when it comes to active duty and I still feel that way, but it ain't the way to go into a airline job interview at all. That was the main thing that I got out of it, but it also forced me to clean some things up a bit, better organize my answers and overall just feel really relaxed and comfortable. I don't think I would have been successful without it.

btw, I originally didn't think I would need to do any formal prep. I thought I would be able to think on my feet and just jam. Man I was a soup sandwich the first time I got serious about telling stories.

Faye Simmons and Albie kept me from acting like a retard.

btw, I knew Albie worked for FedEx right away...Homo could'nt keep his eyes off my package!