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SWA Classes

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Feb 9, 2002
I just got off the phone with Jennifer. She was just told...no training classes in August. Hang in there gang. Im waiting just like everyone else. Im just glad to be here.
Like an ostrich, I shall bury my head in the sand and pretend I didn't read that.
Where's Chase and MLBwingborn? C'mon guys, you always have a positive spin on these things.
SWA pool? - no, more of a roller-coaster

Hey guys, this is not really a pool we're in, but more of a roller-coaster. Catch you later; I'm going to go blow lunch now. That last spin and twist made me a little sick to my tummy.

Confirmed by JB- VP announced no Aug newhire classes. At least the pool will keep us cool all summer...

Are you kidding? I know for certain that the top 10 on the list don't get out of the pool for any reason, thus the pool is at body temperature.
I wonder if they're waiting to see how the contract vote turns out before scheduling more classes?
Waiting for the contract vote

Let's hope that is the reason, and the trend doesn't continue into the fall, or we'll all be in the Polar Bear club when the pool freezes. :D


I think your assumption is more than likely correct. I'm sure there are a few little mind games going on here until the votes are all in.


Sorry for the overly optimistic posts from some of the folks who frequent this forum. I will temper my natural optimism with a dose of reality.

SWA had roughly 200 folks in the pool prior to interviewing in January. SWA interviewed over 800 people in the months of January-March. They also interviewed a small number of folks in April in conjunction with the equal opportunity type rating scholarship program. This unprecented interviewing added another 350-400 folks to the hired pool.

I know you guys keep up with the SWA class schedule, so you probably already figured out that 200 new hires started class in 2002 (including the July class). With only four additional jets scheduled for delivery this year, -200 retirements, no plans for new cities or pilot bases in the foreseeable future, and a pilot group which is currently snapping up extra flying like sea gulls grabbing fish scraps, there will likely be no more classes this year. The pilot contract extension vote has nothing to do with pilot hiring (IMO).

Not the news you wanted to hear, but just the reality of the situation. SWA prefers classes early in the year. They can write off costs associated with your employment while squeezing a LOT more out of you before you are eligible for profit-sharing (which starts on the January 1 following the year you complete probation).

As for interviews, don't expect any until next year. And don't be surprised if it is well into 2003. The current pool will support 18-20 classes. It is possible that will be the extent of hiring in 2003.

This is not good news for anyone! For you folks in the pool or awaiting an interview, the roller-coaster ride from hell continues. For those of us at SWA, no growth means stagnated seniority, delayed upgrades, etc.

Start paying more attention to FedEx, jetBlue, Alaska. They continue to interview and hire. In fact, they are the only source of clients for my airline pilot interview prep business right now!:(

The source for the above information is a combination of my own detailed client records, my intimate knowledge of SWA hiring practices, and several recent discussions with SWA chief pilots whom I enjoy excellent working relationships.

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