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SWA 2Q financial report...

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...in OAK!
Dec 10, 2001
DALLAS, July 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- In conjunction with Southwest Airlines' (NYSE: LUV - News) second quarter earnings release, you are invited to listen to its conference call that will be broadcast live over the Internet on July 18th at 1:00 PM Eastern Time.

What: Southwest Airlines' Second Quarter Earnings Conference Call

When: Thursday, July 18th, 2002 at 1:00 PM Eastern Time

Where: http://www.southwest.com

How: Live over the Internet -- Simply log on to the web at the
address above

Contact: Investor Relations, (214) 792-4415

If you are unable to participate during the live audio webcast, the call will be archived through August 1, 2002 on the web site www.southwest.com . To access the replay, click on About SWA and then Investor Relations.

SOURCE: Southwest Airlines

I'm smelling roses....

yeah, great, now maybe you guys can start getting paid like the other airlines pay their 737-700 drivers, as it is obvious that SWA is making money on the back of its lower paid workers. And don't give me that "all 737's" crap, that is a drop in the bucket compared to unit labor cost!
Haven't touched an ATR in a couple of years! I couldn't afford to live on commuter wages. I make more money flying a 8 passenger Encore than a 66 pax airliner.

And sorry, I'm just sick of seeing "low" cost carriers making money while the ones that pay good money are not. I guess I just wish that all carriers were playing on a level wage field, which they are not. The only traditional majors that are making any money are like Continental that also are leaching off of their labor for improved cost structure.

This will improve over time as SWA/Frontier/JB/Continental wages go up and the others stagnate (give back, what ever you want to call it). which is what I was trying to say, though I admit I was a bit touchy.

Im sure your comments about your current pay situation are true..

Your comments about the SWA pay and benefits are ill informed at best..

And your apparent lack of understanding of the current status of the various airlines is embarrassing for one with such a strong opinion..

Perhapes being better informed and conducting yourself with a little more dignity might be in order..

Encore driver...

Have to jump in on this one with my $.02.....

Yes, today you are making more $$$ driving a CE-xxx for whoever the owner(s) may be than being at a commuter. However 10 years from know you will STILL be making the same $$$.

Mostly due to the fact that 10 yrs from know you will be on your 3rd employer. (Maybe lucky and on your 2nd)... I know for sure that you will NEVER be paid $200,000+/yr for flying a corporate jet, and if you are, then SWA captains will be making $300,000+.

You will NEVER have a schedule. You will NEVER have days off when you (or your family) wants/needs them. You will load bags, empty potties, trash cans, get yelled at by the owner(s), wait for HOURS with no phone calls as to what your new ETD is, have to fly Part 135.... etc., etc.

I know all of this because thisd has been my career path for the past 15+ years. I have had the most fantastic, awesome career that anyone could imagine too. It was fun, but it is also difficult to continue, and hard on the family too.

SWA has a biz plan and model that has MORE than proven itself over the previous 32+ years. Might mention that the last 29 yrs. have turned a profit too!! If you are a shareholder (almost all SWA employees are) you have also profited from the best performing airline stock in the industry.

The pay issue is only part of the total BIG picture. I know a few SWA Captains... none seem to be hurting for $$$. I even heard a rumor that some of these, "underpaid pilots, whose company is riding on the backs of", are making in excess of $250,000 a year.

Good luck with your Encore position. Hopefully you will do well in your decision to be a professional in the corporate world.

However, perhaps you could be a little more understanding of those who want to work for the best commercial air carrier in the industry and are willing to scratch out a living on the "paltry" wages being paid in return for the security and promising future that SWA offers!?!?

All of us deserve to enjoy what we aspire to as pilots, it is not an easy life - but it sure beats working for a living!!

Have a great day all!! Regards - Tredding:D

Oh God!!! Life is soooo unfair. You won't ever work for SWA (hint: attitude). Nope, it's not a threat. Don't even try. We like being employed. Hope your job lasts...Encore? what is that? I hope it isn't another Cessna concoction...Get it yet? Probably not...
I don't mean to start a long debate full of insults and flaming, and this will be the last thing I say on this topic so here goes.

1. I understand quiet well the airline industry and just got done listening to the AMR Q2 confrence call and if you don't believe what I am saying than simply listen to their Q1 and Q2 CFO's explain it yourself.

2. I am by no measure a career corporate pilot. I would sooner go to work with my MBA that I'm still paying off than continue down that path. In fact, I was hired by American with a 9/17 class and American is where I plan to get hired again, when they start that process again.....years or months away-makes no difference. As you can see in my profile, I am "just happy to have a job" which is better than many furloughed pilots out there that I personally know of. It is a job, not a career.

3. I am sorry if I offended anyone (SWA or other) in my comments, but I didn't make this stuff up, I have had many, many SWA pilots tell me that when they go into section 6 negotiations, they will seek to get paid "what everyone else makes flying -700" in one captain's words. And in another's words, "a UAL guy with my DOH makes $130,000/yr" more than I do and his company is losing money!"

So there, I am not going to get drawn into a debate, I was just venting, if you don't like it, don't read it.

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