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Southwest Hiring...

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Considering they are offering buyouts to pilot presently, I can't imagine anytime in the near future.
Don't forget that we also have about 150 in a pool right now. Unfortunately it will be a while before we hire again. :( I hope I'm dead wrong about this prediction!
Possible furloughs in the fall if they can't get volunteers to leave. So no hiring, unless something big happens.
100-200 from someone in the know at the MDW base. This fall/winter will be ugly for everyone if the economy stays flat. I expect furloughs from just about everyone after the summer schedules get pulled down. Merry F'n Christmas.
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His ignorant pie hole.
Disgusting how some folks get off on other peoples misery. Best of luck SWA

Dude you have know idea of how much I want SWA to do well but I won't discount some information because I don't like it. I hope my source is wrong, and I mean it.

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