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Southern Air

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Last I heard the interview was not too tough. A few tech questions, few TMAAT and such. Short sim eval, I believe in a 737 classic sim. Upgrades depend on experience and who you get to recommend you. Company growing fast. Approx 18 days away every time you go on the road. (could be more could be less) Tough on family life. If you are single and want to see the world go for it. You must be flexible and be able to just roll with it or you will hate life. The new FAA rules may make it a bit better for the SAI guys and gals.
RJ drivers need not apply, evergreen is hiring.

Not true at all! We had plenty of RJ guys come here and they have been very successful. on the other hand we have had lots of Heavy/ wide body guys in the past few months not make it, when the RJ guys have. I just spoke with our DO the other day and he told me that they are planing on hiring most of the 747-400 FO off the street. because he said all current FO on the 747-2 are aircraft lock for 2 years. so with my experince on the B777 the RJ glass time would be very much welcome here at Southern.

IMO glass cockpit time will be a lot more worthwhile for future applicants at Southern. A few guys that had no time in a glass cockpit had issues with the transition into the B777. It is only a guess, but they might start splitting up the applicant pools based upon the kind of cockpit you have experience in.

Right now the company is in a state of transition. It is slowly changing from a family run company, to a more corporate style. They continue to bring in new management personnel, and these people are starting to change things. Obviously in today's economy Southern's Management is still very focused on costs, yet they are trying to improve our operational efficiency with some changes that the previous owners declined to spend $$$ on before... But understand that Southern is still a product of the environment it operates in.

Our flying is still ADHOC in nature, and international in scope. So the flying is varied, and the schedules change all the time. To say that you need to be flexible, and able to adapt to rapid changes is an understatement. The company culture still reflects the old owners, but it seems to be slowly changing.

We just picked up a new contract operating into Shanghai again, which should be more stable than some of our previous flying. And everyone is hopeful that the 400's will bring in some more of those kind of contracts. Another major change the new aircraft is bringing on is that we are now training people as Second Officers, so that our FE's will have the ability to transition into the right seat of either the 777 or 400.

So as in the past, Southern is not for everyone, but things seem to be looking up.
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RJ Guys = "Lookin' for lower", "Roger", "What did he say?", "huh", "it's alright, that won't matter/they don't care", "I shouldn't have to plot", "but why?", etc.

Levity Intended!
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How many 747-400s are you guys getting and what is the delivery timeline?

Not that it matters much, but which do you think ultimately will go more senior at SA - the 777 or the 400?
Says no open positions for flight crew on website..is it possible to send unsolicited resumes or best to wait until online app opens up?

What's a ballpark figure for year one FO annual gross?


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