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Sleep room

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Ok now that I am awake and not as pissed off, let me explain my position.
The reason I feel this way is because, snoring doesn't just impact one person in the room. It degrades the quality of rest for those in the entire room. For the most part, people in the sleep room are too timid or polite to try to wake and inform an offending snorer. Thus the noisemaker is left to snore freely while the entire room sits there in a half-awake, half-asleep state of pi$$ed off.

Anybody else here feel the same way?

Why should I have to wear uncomfortable ear plugs to sleep when the other guy gets to sleep happily snoring away? I guess I'll just have to stick to waking them up.
If you need to sleep get a hotel. Seriously, I have been there and done that. Consider it an investment in your future. Colgan ring any bells?
I was further motivated to stop sleeping in the crew room after a pilot was caught pleasuring himself in the "sleep room".
You are sleeping in a room with a bunch of other dudes and it's the ear plugs that make you uncomfortable? The whole situation is uncomfortable, put the ear plugs in and get some sleep.
page him! (at least half the pilot group has the PA phone number, ask someone) and page him to his airplane (make it somewhere far away)

i.e. "PAGING CAPTAIN {insert name here}, please report to your aircraft, ship 882 at gate E37, captain {name} to your aircraft please"

THat'll get you at least 30 minutes of sleep!
I snore, can't help it wish I could. I try to stay out of the sleep room but if I need a nap I take one. But I do shut the ringer off on my phone unlike most people that have it go off every two minutes.
sleep on your side or stomach if you snore.
Also, in my experience it's always the old flight attendants that snore the worst.
Its a sleep room to nap in when you have a 3 hour break. I cannot sleep in there. It is hot as hell; not much ventilation. There is always someone who has their rap ring tone or their outdated monotone ringer set to a deafening stun so when it rings it wakes everyone up. Someone decides to have a conversation with their babys daddy for 10 minutes. Then there is the guy who snores louder than an outboard Evinrude at full throttle. Oh I almost forgot the one who decides they are going to be "quiet" and open their fatty crew snack very slowly which just prolongs the noise that accompanies the whole process followed by the crunching on their trail mix and chips. Then we have the constant cackling in the F/A breakroom which penetrates the paper thin walls; might as well have an APU running in that room. Sleep on the lazy boy by the tv; cooler, quieter and just as dark when the light is turned off.
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