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Apr 30, 2005
Does anyone know what the deal is with skyway currently? IE how are they doing. Whats life like there. Etc. I havent seen much info posted about them since the whole Skyway/delta thing.

Life at Skyway is about the same - pretty quiet. We've had some pilots leave for Midwest which has caused others to be upgraded into the left seat of both planes. We did hire about three 400hr pilots but that was a special situation. Company mins are 700TT with 50ME but I believe competitive is 1000/100. True, the pay isn't the best but remember we fly a 32-seat jet and 19-seat turboprop. We aren't going to receive 50-seat pay.

We have dropped Lansing and LaCrosse (both were 1900's) while MSP will be upgraded to all 717's. Loads are good but that is irrelevant if yields are not producing enough revenue. Leases on the 1900's start expiring next year, ending 2008. There is talk of obtaining additional jets, mainly to replace the Beech and potentially expand MCI.

Skyway is what you make of it. There are approximately 200 pilots and 45 F/A's on property which makes for a family-type environment, where everyone knows everyone else. Personally, I've worked for Fortune 100 and 500 companies - bigger isn't always better.

Hope that answers your questions.


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Propsfullfwd said:
Delta deal went thru and they are hiring 300 hour pilots. Loads are good pay is $hitty. Pretty soon SYX will be flying the MD-80's for Midwest...

Remember the golden rule - no posting after a 3 day drinking binge. Propsfullfwd? Should be Propsfullofsh!t.
Skyway is what it is

Love the people but the pay and schedules could always be better. I'm not one to complain much however. As stagnant to some people as this place seems sometimes, things will undoubtedly change at some point. I'm just hoping I won't be the the right seat forever. I'm banking on that at some point I will either upgrade or be out on the street looking for a job if the whole place tanks. I really hope it turns out to be the former and not the latter.

Fairly low time pilots have just as good if not a little better shot at getting in here as any other place. They seem to be continuing to interview and hire fairly steady. If you want to live in the Milwaukee area, I think Skyway is a pretty good choice.
ShadowFlight said:
We did hire about three 400hr pilots but that was a special situation. Company mins are 700TT with 50ME

So, what was special about it?

Nepotism, race, sex, etc., had to fill some diversity slots???

Tell us: What was so special that the company cut their mins nearly in half???
I believe those "special" 400 hours pilots were people that were already working for the company as ground instructors. They were initially hired to help ramp up the training department for all the pilots that were supposed to be pushed through for the Delta deal. They had already been working for Skyway for at least a year and had substantial knowledge on the aircraft because of course they were teaching the stuff. When the Delta deal didn't go through and they wouldn't be needed as ground instructors anymore the company needed pilots. So instead of hitting the street they can now fly the line. That's the way I took the situation and I think these are the people being referred to.

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