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Scab List is Real

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Most pilots listed (CAL, UAL) are now in good standing with ALPA. Most are Widebody captains and have never missed a paycheck. The best thing these guys did was to cross. Not like many USAIR East pilots who stuck it out and are now paying the price thanks to ALPA and its screwed way to run a so called Union.

somewhere there is also an ammended page that listd the GJ guys. I have it on my old computer.

Never officially sanctioned by ALPA.... not even close. Feel free to ad any page you wish though.... it wont and never did matter.

Scabing is done during a strike, plain and simple. Is reading and comprehending an issue for you?

Trans States should have brought the CRJs on property first, then negotiated the pay..... a very simple concept. They played "chicken" with managment and lost.

Maybe you should post your original gojet list and where they all are now..... :) Probably wouldnt work out very well for your argument though.
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I hate scabs as much as the next guy. However, you should read the rules of this forum.

NO SCAB LISTS or links to scab lists may be placed on these forums. No calling a member/non-member a scab. Violators will be permanently banned at first offense if or when the Websitemaster/moderators feel deemed.

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