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SBY goings on???

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Registered User
Sep 25, 2002
Anyone from PDT hear anything about class dates in November? A friend's third cousin's wife's housekeeper may have overheard something like that :D

It's never a good sign....

.....when the person that scrubs your third cousin's wife's toilets knows more about your career than you do! I would double check with the Tidy-Bowl man. He may be in a position to know.
Good one, Jeff. Sad part is, he probably makes more cleaning honey pots than I do flying.
Classes starting after January.
No upgrades for a while.
The 10 airplane rumor is false.

The above has been verified by the union and the company.
10 old Air Wisky Dashes, or so I thought. That, and Q400s sometime after :crying:
I'm hearing flow through rumblings that aren't exactly good for us... ala unrestricted flush with nada for current PDT folks. Anyone else hearing anything?

Ahhh, I'm sure there is nothing to the rumors. The PDT MEC would NEVER sell us out. Would they?

I heard something to that tune also. Probably a bunch of garbage like everything else that is batted around.

But heres something that will be coming to PDT. Next year for CQ, theyll have some more stuff added into the sim(supposedly). Was told by training dept. that their loading ROA and CHO into the database and adding the beta lockout to the sim. I didn't even know it wasnt installed in the first place.?. Those rumors I can actually half-believe.
Yeah they told me the same thing in CQ. They also said that the EGPWS would be in the sim around January. Wanna bet that one of next year's first look manuevers will involve an EGPWS escape maneuver? Another one will probably be a V1 cut in ROA and following the Aerodata supplied special single engine procedures.

The sim has always been behind the times. I don't even think the sim has the rudder isolation valve mod the airplanes have.

Anyone have any info/points of view on the prospective flow through?
I can give you my POV regarding the flow through:

Right now, it ain't. Granting super-seniority to pilots that left PDT to join the list is whacked. I'll fight that nugget tooth and nail. HOWEVER- if we agree on a reintegrated seniority flowTHROUGH, not flowBACK, I'm in 100% and I'll stand by it all the way down. Period. Show me in writing, and I'll show you my hat. Of course, there is no writing right now...

In other news,

The 400? Never. Sorry, kids- there are way too many irons in the fire to even entertain the idea. As BillySurf would be quick to point out: We're a turboprop op, nothing more, nothing less. We're not the white horse to save mainline, we're not the most profitable arm of the airline, we're just PDT. We serve a specific purpose. Mainline has so many Gordian knots to unravel that by the time we're considered for a tuneup, PDT won't have the Dash.


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