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Rhino Aviation

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Jun 1, 2005
If you have never heard of Rhino Aviation at GMU,S.Car,let me tell you about how they operate.
They were soliciting applicants for pt.135 captain position on SR-22 Cirrus aircraft
in April of this year.When A pilot I am very much familiar with got a telephone call from the Director of Operations asking this pilot to come to Greenville,S.C.(GMU),so this pilot got in his car and drove the 400 plus miles to GMU in Greenville.There he met with the Director of Operations,and the chief pilot.The interview concluded after about 30 minutes in which this pilot was offered a position,but the position was in DAN(Danville,Va.)not GMU.The deal was they wanted this pilot in DAN before training started.So this pilot secures living arrangements in DAN and moves to DAN from Nashville Tenn. a distance of about 500 miles.,to be in position by the first week of May 2005.During the interview there was no mention of a 6500.00 training contract which incidentally they wanted to be paid in full if the pilot left the company for any reason with less than one full year of employment.When this pilot is called to go to training and be in GMU on May 9,training began and I learned about the contract.The training course took 2 weeks,it should have taken 3 or 4 days at most.The SR-22 is a single engine piston aircraft,with PFD's and MFD's.
The pilot is footing all the expenses himself,hotel and meals.With 2 days to go before the flight check,the pilot receives a telephone call from the Director of Operations indicating that the pilot is fired .the reason is completely manufactured.The pilot also was paid not one thing while in training.

If this sounds extremely unethical and very disreputable,that is because it is.Any pilot looking for flying position should not consider Rhino Aviation.
sooo.....are you back in BNA ??.....w/your time you should have no problem getting a job in that area that will treat you better...at least better that a s.e.180hp buzz wacker
Go work for Flight Express out of Nashville. They run all Barons with one C210 exception. The way they are low on pilots, you could probably call your base.
Wow---It's amazing how somebody can manufacture such a load of crap and find a place to put it where other people can read it! Why don't we deal with the facts as I know them to be, not as X relates them...

SATSAir is flying Cirrus SR22s out of GMU, MYR, TYS, DAN and some other places I'm not sure of since it's rapidly changing. In any case, the company IS NOT perfect, but as one of the most senior pilots flying the line, I think I can say that I have never been intentionally screwed over, and have actually had the owners and managers help me out above and beyond the call of duty during my tenure. X's situation was due to his own problems and pecadillos. With TONS of time in King Airs (which was the topic of EVERY conversation I ever heard him engaged in) he made it a point to say that he "couldn't figure out why anyone would want to fly these little single engine airplanes", thought anyone "stupid enough to trust their lives to a single engine airplane should get their head examined", and was "only doing this until I can find a real job flying turbines." Flying the SR22 is a great job---I've done a lot of different things and I think this is great! You have real contact with your passengers on every flight because they're right there on the Bose NRs with you from start to finish! People like X aren't ready to do that type of flying----not that it's any better or worse, but it is different and if you don't want to be there you shouldn't be. Talking bad about the company, the airplane and your potential passengers doesn't endear you to anyone, and that's what happened in this case. Several of us felt strongly enough about what we were hearing, and thought it would be dangerous to the well-being of the company, and we went to the DO and related our concerns. Since he had just had a call from the FBO manager, who had NO dog in this particular fight but had overheard the same type of comments and thought it was unprofessional and stupid for a potential employee to be talking about his employer and his job in this way, he tended to believe what was going on and decided this was the wrong guy for the position. I overheard the phone call he mentions, and the DO simply stated that he couldn't afford to have someone working for him that obviously didn't want to be there, wished him well and told him that he would owe nothing for his training. That's the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me Bugs Bunny!

So X, I too wish you the best of luck, but blaming the company for realizing that you were a bitter, smelly chain-smoking guy with a bad attitude and a condition where you judge the size of your manhood by the size of your airplane and telling you to hit the bricks is not their fault---it's yours!

Rhino/SATSAir is being purchased by Cirrus and will be a subsidiary as of the new year---we will be adding over 100 new airplanes in 2006 and will have well over 125 pilot positions as well. If you've got a good attitude, have some experience and want a decent QOL making a lot more than any of the airlines are paying to start, or even after a couple years, and don't judge yourself by how much your plane weighs then I'd love to have you working on the line beside me! The website is WWW.SATSAIR.COM.
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Any company that does not mention a training contract up front- preferably in the ad, definitely before the interview- is full of it. I have been in that situation before.
I better come off my high horse and work for this wonderful place. Shatsair must be great if Skip said it is.
About FlyingSkip and Rhino Aviation

This guy is nothing more than a Spin machine for Rhino Aviation Mgmt.If you want to believe propaganda,then believe him.I stand by my allegations.
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THANKS FLYINGSKIP!! All this G-Force guy does on this site is bash people and all employers. Wonder how many times he has been canned for his attitude and flying ability? Nice job on the post Skip and great reply Jonny Reb.
About Rhino Aviation

Spoke recently with a former pilot for this company who backs up everything Which I have said.He learned that the Cirrus
is not certified for flight in known icing conditions under Pt.135,but he was let go for cancelling too many trips.What this tells me is that mgmt simply does not care about anything except MONEY.

If this is such a great place to work then why is the company being sold???????Maybe mgmt just can't hack it trying to run an aviation company.
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I know this company has to be good if G-force hates it! Smart move SATSAir, good luck to ya FlyingSkip
partypilot1 said:
I know this company has to be good if G-force hates it! Smart move SATSAir, good luck to ya FlyingSkip
This sounds like another 135 pay for training bottom feeder operation.G-force is probably right, but most pilots would never stay at that kind of operation for any length of time.
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To G-force

g, is there ever going to be a place worth working at for you?
I vote you flight info's biggest complainer! I used to like to watch the price is right during the day, but i found out it is more entertaining listening to you complain!
To Jelloshotpilot

Maybe there should be a New Thread with the heading: RA, former DO & CP at a certain FBO @ LNK.What kind of responses do you think we would get???????It would probably be enough to jam up this entire website!!!!!
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