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Question for UA drivers...

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King of 'da South
Nov 10, 2005
1. I heard that you guys aren't turning on Channel 9 anymore at the union's urging...any truth to that?

2. I have also heard that the MEC is negotiation a 90-seat rate with management. I have heard this from someone on the management side. What are the details of that?
Not at the unions urging, but many guys don't do it, just to piss off Glenn.

90 seat rate.... I believe so... no deets...
Channel 9 at Captain discretion.

We have heard rumblings of a ninety seater rate but till I actually see them it's just a rumor nothing more.
If I were a skipper at UA, there's no way in hell I would turn on Ch. 9.

Too many willing to drop dime in this day-in-age.
Channel 9 as discussed above.....according to the latest webcast, we slid 90 seat rates across the table a while back and haven't heard anything back yet.
Different question, same airline.

Any idea why there is a hotel full of Air Canada CSA's and reservation agents in Denver training at United.

Probably nothing, but is this possibly another avenue of job replacements?
The 90 seat rate I really don't think is something that will go out the window....anything over 70 seats...at mainline, period.

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