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Q400's at SkyWest?

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Well-known member
Dec 23, 2007
I keep hearing about this but have seen nothing official. Does anyone have any good information about this or is it just another rumor?
Sounds like we have FAA approval to operate them. But are we going to? This might just have been set up to be ready to cover for mesa in case of BK. I don't see any other niche with DAL or UL. There is also the persistent rumor of PHX...but I would think airways would use their current regionals.
Yes, it's true. We're getting Q400s. It's a done deal. Other done deals - we are flying for Southwest, we're buying Expressjet, getting Airbuses, flying for Northwest, US Air, NASA, buying Virgin America..... A couple of rumors may have had something to them but nothing materialized, so believe it when it's on the ramp, or you're training for it or it's on your pay check.
Same was said about the E145 during the proposed XJT purchase, right?

No, but the program was built and awaiting further instructions. It is not hard and does not take long to build a program on a new airframe for FAA approval.
Here's the deal with the Skywest Q400... United wants Skywest to fly 11 Q400s out of LAX but Skywest said it needs enough work to fly atleast 30 to be worth it to them and a longer contract than the 2 year deal that United wants. United won't budge on that 11 number so Skywest approached Delta about flying Q400s out of LAX and to Skywest's amazement, Delta says they're interested. Now they are in negotiations. Skywest needs flying for atleast 30 planes between Delta and United for this to work. Skywest got United to drop the exclusivity clause for the flying out of LAX so Skywest is free to fly any amount for whomever.

Folks this is a very serious deal. Now we wait to see if this deal can come together.

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