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PSA just official became the bottom feeder

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Well-known member
Feb 16, 2006
88 percent of their pilots just accepted 18th year CRJ 900 with 86 seats capacity $104 per hour.

You earned your name of a bottom feeder from now on.

The irony..

PSA re-affirms that pilots can be bought by shiny metal and false hope.

PSA will get no airplanes.

Mesa will be forced to undercut again.

Another lap down in the race to the bottom.
No surprise......same group that went behind Piedmont and Allegheny's pilots backs by accepting a jets for jobs deal that everyone agreed to not accept at a meeting with Usairways and the USALPA guys.
Wow.... 88%... shockin'.... Figured it would pass, but that is a landslide! Say's a bunch about the pilot group.
The funny part is you won't find anyone in the CLT Crewroom that voted for it. LOL

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