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PSA Airlines Hiring

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Some of you FO's who were seat locked for 12 years also made close to 100k a year. I've flown with plenty of you JJ's that talk about it. Its great, thanks for doing that. I appreciate it. . . now where did I put my food stamp application?

Happen to know the link of the crew meal service? I'm not on local 61
Well let's see. Everyone has a free will and pretty much know the terms of getting in at the regional level. Those f/o's which made close to 100k/yr, how is it their fault that the regionals pay what they pay? When Comair went out on strike for higher pay, I do believe quite a few of those 100kf/o's paid in strike assesments to support those individuals, etc etc......
And no offense, but that 12 yr seat lock wasn't neccesarily at US, but other places.

Did you forget to take your prozac this a.m.?

The company who supplies our crew meals in CLT, Express Catering, has developed a new website so that crews may order the crew meal of their choice. Simply log onto
www.7summits.us and select “Menu” or “New Service: Order your meals before you hit the air”. You may then order your crew meal and it will be ready for you to pick up at CLT OPs (same place as now). If you do not order a crew meal you will still receive one, just not one of your own choosing. Orders have to be completed by 12:00 noon the day before your flight.

As soon as my new program is done (hopefully within a month) I’ll make
a real menu and do the “Grand Opening”. I also agreed with a new
restaurant called “SOFRAM” to prepare the meals. That way you
guys will be able to access to “SOFRAM”s menu to make selection for
“real deal”. Like Baklava versus cookie… many different salads versus
only one choice… Borek versus sandwich. It will take time but
I’ll get there.

This system is stil
under test. I prepare the program to carry much larger selection but
was afraid to start up with large menu and screw up
everything. I decided to start mini test trial! I’m glad that I did it
because I found bunch of issues in program, hosting company so on and
so forth! Now I ordered new order program written on Linux
instead of Microsoft. That will allow me be more flexible. There are
other issues which come from consumer side
As to the new airplanes, I agree...>Parker has said no changes to the WO's for some time....satus quo.......but you never know..
Crzi, I know we disagree, but thank you for your opinions and for the info about the crew meals. Good luck to all of us right?

And yes, I forgot my prozac, I'm making due with yengling
Interested parties can email their resumes and current salary history to:[email protected]

Why the salary history? Do they want to know if you can afford to take the job?
WSurf said:
Holy Crap!!! Sorry Dude!!

Tell me about it. The junior manning and extensions were out of control this month during the blend. Were still offering voluntary leaves though.:eek:
Sounds like PDT 3 years ago! I remember when mainline started furloughing and PDT decided it needed too also. We became understaffed and the Junior manning was a frenzy. If you were flying day trips and getting done in the afternoon someone in the crew was gonna get extended. We Cap out at 4x a year with only 2x in one month..... So the company then had to pay our guys what they wanted. I was capped out and they paid me a double junior man to do fly 3 legs. Basically I was paid 16hrs and was away from home less then 12hrs. But I haven't heard of much junior manning going on lately.
Good Luck, I remember those days.... You made a crap load of money but never knew what was gonna happen to you each day you flew.
PSA Airlines, Inc. is actively recruiting Student Pilots to fill positions in all crew bases and plans on training 50 - 100 Student Pilots in 2006.

PSA operates both the CRJ-200 and CRJ-700 training aircraft. Current Pilot domiciles include cardboard boxes in Charlotte, NC; Dayton, OH; and Knoxville, TN. PSA Student Pilots receive eight weeks of ground training: four weeks of Ground Training is taught at the Training Center in Dayton, OH; two weeks of simulator training is currently conducted in Montreal, Canada; and three years of Initial Operating Experience. In addition to paying our trainees their 72-hour monthly guarantee and per diem while in training, PSA provides hotel accommodations which include a desk on which to add flight-time to your brand new shiny-jet logbook.

To be considered, candidates must meet the following minimum qualifications:

* Total Time: 1200 hours in the traffic pattern at Podunk County Airport
* Multi-Engine Time: 250 hours in light twins such as Seminole, Apache, etc.
* Preference given to any pilot with a pulse who has experience beyond flight instructing
* Multi-Engine rating is required (however we are petitioning the FAA for a waiver)
* Pilots will be required to bring their own backpack, black sneakers, and hair-gel. We suggest that you ask your parents for the black Ipod nano in order to match your uniform.

Funny Bender...

I've got to say though, I haven't seen anybody in this pilot group with the back pack. The IPOD? Sure. But no backpacks yet. And I'm guessing that is hair gel all over the headrests. At least I am just going to pretend that that is what it is.
Seen the backpacks....the ipods...the spiked hair.....etc etc etc.......

Heheh....saw one f/o that had TWO backpacks...guess he was about to upgrade.....lol
As well as the spiked hair, the frosted tips, etc etc....sorry I guess I should have clarified it goes with both positions.......
In all fairness, most of the pre-J4J captains at PSA were low-time flight instructors who lacked the maturity to conduct themselves in public, much less command an airliner. We should expect nothing less than ipods, frosted hair, and backpacks.

Let's not forget the guy who wore driving gloves in the Dornier. And don't make me bring up Sven...