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Professional pilots pay and non professional immigrants pay.

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se1776 said:
A truck driver makes $50,000+ a year now not in 5 to 10 years.

wake up guys.

something is wrong with the picture

Then kindly take yourself out of the picture. You're ruining it for the rest of us, @ssmunch. And go back to school and learn a bit about business and economics so you don't think you can change capitalism all on you own anymore!
Prop2Jet said:
The logic expressed in the prior messages is short sighted and does not look at the overall return in a 10-15 year career (or more).

OK...I'll bite.

I've been a "professional" pilot now for a little over 13 years (two years instructing). I have never made over $56k/yr. This includes about two years at a legacy. This is not an average, but rather my highest gross! Have I changed jobs often? Well, I've changed jobs to go to (what I thought) was a better place to work. Had I stayed at a regional for the past ten years, I would indeed be making about $65k/yr now.

A couple of years ago I was talking with another pilot while in training. He figured that he would have been far better off financially if at the time he started his flight training would have instead started in the management training program at McDonald's. Sad.

What makes many of you guys think you will ever make twice what a truck driver makes? The ML's are shrinking all the time with reduced pay and little or no pension. The regionals are growing with ever reduced pay because people like yourself are willing to work for less and less because of what you think is on the end of a rainbow. I wish everyone the best and I really do hope you all get that job at mega carrier. But, you must realize with less seats available at the mega carrier, less of us will ever get there, so you might want to think about making the job you are at better, just in case.
O well. I love my job. I don't think driving trucks is for me anyhow!
Hey you know what really sucks, flying a desk.
Dave Benjamin said:
We used to see guys willing to pay 10-12K to subsidize their own training at a regional. As long as these destructive practices continue regional pay will be very low to start.

There are plenty of people dropping $6-7K for a type rating to get an INTERVIEW
Pretty soon the FO's seat will start being staffed with illegal Mexican imigrants on a work permit program because these are the kind of jobs that nobody wants anyway right?

Ha Ha...Illegal Mexican immigrants driving el autobus...that would be farkin hilarious...tomato pickin probably pays about the same.
hahahah thats a good one! Under Bush's new policy they could only fly for 6 months then they must return to mexico!
:rolleyes:Yep. It's real easy for us to work for a mexican airline if we want to, so why not return the favor....
ever heard of the word sarcastic?

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