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Polar Air Cargo close to an AGREEMENT

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broke, and getting worse.
Feb 26, 2004
The latest VARS, recorded at 0600 indicated that the Union and Co. are close to an agreement....... HERE WE GO!!!
Good Luck! Hopefully it addresses all of the issues and gets you guys back to work. And may you have new hire classes in the future :)
Stay Tuned...............
It appears that a TA has been signed......No further details available....Stay tuned....
Just read the TA. So let me get this straight, we could have voted on the exact same offer from the company before we went on strike. So why did we go on STRIKE!!! Thanks ALPA.
Your negotiating committee and MEC agreed to what was on the table before the strike started: 10.5% and an 18 month extension.

You put everyone through all of this for nothing! Pathetic.

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