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Plane down in FL keys - 2 dead, 2 missing

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Giggity giggity goo!!!
Oct 20, 2004
heard about it at Epic today. i'll be able to comment more on it later b/c our school is either directly or indirectly involved, but i can't say anything now b/c no facts are known. godspeed to the deceased.... :(


be careful out there, please!!!
Was in the keys this morning. Apparently 4 ladies stopped in Key West and tried to get rooms. Being that it is bugging season all rooms were booked so they departed EYW after the tower closed. They were flying 172 XP
a 172 XP or SP? i have never heard of a 172XP.

i know that this is a wild shot in the dark, but do you remember the tailnumber on the aircraft or if it had Epic Aviation written on the vertical stabilizer?
XP's have the 180 hp engines installed, they're older 172's. This is back in the day when the new 172's only came with 150 hp or 160 hp engines (70's I think).

A friend of mine has a 172 on leaseback at epic, and I used to rent out of there. Hopefully it's not connected...

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if it was an older plane, it won't be an epic leaseback plane. oldest single piston there is 1998, and it's a 160hp 172R model. sounds to me like it might not be an epic plane, which is good for the school.
A Hawk XP has the IO-360s - 210 horsepower.
The 172XP has a 195 hp Continental IO-360 6-cylinder with a constant speed prop.
has anyone else heard any info about this accident? so far i've only found the one story from the AP, and the FAA website only goes up to july 29th, not the 30th.
SP or Xp may be I didn't get the correct type but it was 4 ladies that crashed in the evening after tower closed

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