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Pinnacle Delta Flow-through

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I did not say we were going to buy them, I said they were available.

To date the board as approved a total of 35 MD-90's. That can be raised if we find ones that we are willing to purchase.
Now the 15 or so that we are actively looking at in China were produced here. It has a lot of red tape associated with it. We need the airlines' approval as well as the Chinese government.
In effect a very lengthy process.
We did get three last month from Hello Airlines in Switzerland though.

I was in Mirana, AZ when those three were being painted up to start service with "Hello" in 2004/5. Talking with one of the project managers, she was complaining about the difficulty in aquiring parts for it, as it had been in storage there for awhile. Apparently, one set of brakes on that thing will run around 200k- I couldn't believe it.

Scope- what calibur hotels is DAL keeping you in these days if your pillow is stiff enough to render bite marks??? Although only at a regional, I've not yet run into this problem.
I heard Pinnacle was getting CRJ-700s, a TPA base, and that a contract was just around the corner every few weeks when I was there.

Now should I add seniority numbers at DL mainline to that list?
My only guess Peanuckle is that he means the 70XXXXX00 numbers that let them non-rev kind of like EV, SW, and OH have.

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