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Pilot response to TSA/G0Jet Proposal

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After informational picketing...TSA mgt gave us a horrible proposal to say the least.........

Here is one pilot's response......

After talking to a union rep and getting "lectured" by a flight manager, I think I heard both sides of the story. I will vote NO. Reasons:
*NO scope protection. They can create another alter-ego company the next day if they want to.
*Decrease in pay rises, which by year 4 on the extension will make us so, so underpaid it's not even funny.
*What about per-diem?????????
*No change in rules. This is big. Think everytime you get stuck somewhere because they won't positive space you on your deadhead home. They save money by not opening bases where they should yet they play with you like that.
*They clarified that in the event of a forlough TSA F/Os will go first (read out of seniority forlough........sounds familiar???)
* In as much as I want to upgrade I will try not let this thing go through, TSA pilots won't be the whores of the regional airline world.

We deserve better than this, this proposal is an insult to the TSA pilots. I am willing to work and give in some NOT ALL they are asking for.
A Flight Manager had the nerve to tell us that "if it wasn't because of the GoSh1t pilots who have been working on get it up and going we would have no chance to grow" I was speechless.
Best of luck to you. This whole scenario stinks.

If you don't like what you see, just don't read it.

I sure hope all of our TSA brothers and sisters see thing in the same way as above!!!


Does this "proposal" solve the GJ problem and give you one list?
Yes it does create one list but with a catch or two. *************************s only has firm orders for 5 planes right now, they have already hired about 50 or so pilots over there so they are fully staffed already. Even if they get another 5 thats only another 50 or so pilots. They are letting the guys that resigned from TSA and go to Blowjets right back onto the list where they were. Thats BS. Also, the first class at BJs supposedly all got type rated. So even though they are all junior to me(expcept original TSA captains) they will still be flying as CRJ700 cpts. on reserve until my upgrade comes. Maybe another year or two.

The price they are asking for this is too great. they want a 4 year contract extention, our pay raises go from 2.5% annually to 1.0% annually. They tried to pull a fast one and say 1.5% but that is every 18 months. So effectively a 1% annual raise. 2.5% isn't much to brag about anyway.

Also, the BJ guys basically get furlough protection. They will furlough j41 crews out of seniority before they furlough the precious CRJ pukes. This is so wrong. We just won a grievance on that issue anyways, and yet here they go again.

I think the general feeling here at TSA is that we will vote no and take our chances on what happens later. We are sick and tired of fueling the race to the bottom. This is almost identical to the Freedom scandal but we are just slamming our collective feet down on the pavement and screaming out NO!!!

I probably stand the most to lose over here if we vote no since I'm in the top third on the FO list. But I really don't care. Someone at some point has to turn this thing around. We're gonna give it a try. A company that makes over 25 million a year can afford to pay the people that make it for them.
I think a one day sickout will send a clear message. I know I know...it's illegal but jezz. How much more are we gonna take. Screw the good faith crap. It's obvious managment could give a rats butt. You guys could write up every little maintainence item that occurs at the out stations. (dusty PFT's, dim Nav lights etc)
Vote No

I am deeply sorry that management is taking advantage of you.
Just goes to show that this Union is "Powerless". Health care went up
30% in the past 5 years....Did your salaries?
The money that went into ScamJets is money that we earned.
It should be used for the employees of Trans States. If management
wants to play like that then maybe everyone should quit all at once.
That is not a work action!

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