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piedmont rumors

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May 7, 2007
I heard that since Mesa lost their United dash 8 flying that they want to get out of the Usairways dash 8 flying.

I heard of possible Durango CO base.

What have you heard?
The "ask pdt" today said:

Q. If, hypothetically, we added more aircraft to our fleet to, perhaps, fly out west...how would we be able to do this? I thought we couldn't even hold onto the planes we had because we couldn't renew the leases. Where would the money come from?A. If we were to do flying currently done by a contract carrier, our costs would be in the same range that are being paid today for the same flying.

...there was something mentioning west flying in last weeks' too. Sounds like they're gearing up for something out west. Could this be the real thing or just more rumors like usual?
Rumor's? Here's the % of rumors that have come true for us. 00.00%
Now on a rumor side note, I did hear that SF went to PHX a couple of weeks ago and spent the entire week showing Group the numbers if we operated the Dash's. From what I understand Group was happy and the numbers came back favorable for us to operate the planes.
Now it just another waiting game for us to get disappointed again. It would just be nice to get all our folks that are on the street back to work again. Especially in these economic times.

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